Winter Note and Assessment Schedule

Road and trees in Brickyard Creek after a heavy snowfall

Seasons greetings from the ‘Creek!

I am at the moment perched in front of a satisfying fire after an invigorating hike through our winter wonderland. Almost seems routine after weeks of frigid cold and lake effect snow. That is not to say that the experience is any less captivating. In fact, more so, but admittedly it will be good to feel double-digit temperatures once again. For now, there is more time inside. Thankfully, by design, we are surrounded by nature, and every glace out the window provides a vivid close-up of its beauty. So, for now, I’ll marvel from the coziness of my cottage and take the opportunity to share a few winter notes with you.

They are:


  • Expect to receive your first half assessment invoice in mid-January. As always, you will have 30 days for remittance.
  • A snowplowing route has been determined based on cottages that have remained open for the winter. If you plan to make a special trip to BYC for the ice caves, etc. please notify me beforehand so that I can make sure your driveway is clear.
  • A reminder to make sure the light found on your Heat-line (the internal catheter snaked into your well line) is on. If the light is off, you will need to reset it. Of course, like all equipment with electronic components, it can also fail. If needed, replacement can be made through the Heat-Line website. For more information, please see the “Retro-line” found under the products tab.
  • I steadfastly make security checks or what I have termed “welfare walks” around each cottage and lake home. The boot or snowshoe prints you might see are likey mine. Of course, if there is ever anything to report I will immediately contact you.

Lastly, as we approach this time of reflection, know I am thankful to be part of such an exceptional community and honored to be your manager. Together we continue to make significant strides to enhance the specialness of Brickyard Creek. I will be sharing a detailed recap of those efforts as well as a look to the year ahead in my upcoming manager report. In the meantime, may you have a happy and blessed New Year!

Thank you,

Jeffery A. Garrett
Manager, Brickyard Creek
715-781-3959 (m)