Our adventure on the Big Lake began in 1991 when we were transferred from Toronto to Fargo, N.D.. What to do with our Noble Quest, a 33’ 1967 mahogany Chris Craft we had sailed over Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and the North Channel for several years?? We had the “big water bug” and we were not going to leave her in dry dock in Ontario. So we got Noble Quest her own US entry Visa and shipped her overland to Washburn Marina. We spent four wonderful summers in the Apostle Islands and venturing over to Copper Harbor. We fell in love with the islands and the people of Washburn and Bayfield and spent as many weekends as Mother nature afforded us between May and October out at anchor …. Our own little Nirvana, or so we thought!

At the end of the boating season in 1996 in a moment of weakness we put a For Sale sign on the bow of Noble Quest and a day later met Jim Zepaltas and Nancy Nason from Eau Claire, WI who chose to purchase Noble Quest as their “entry” into boat ownership. Jim and Nancy became fast friends as we boated together for several summers. Unknown to us Nancy had discovered Brickyard Creek and she and Jim had purchased the home they still own to this day. As our bond of friendship grew ever stronger we had the opportunity to create many wonderful memories over many weekends as we became familiar with Brickyard Creek. We literally fell under her spell and in the fall of 2001 we asked Bob Davidson to spend the winter building us our own little piece of paradise on the end of Madeleine Lane.

Thus began our Brickyard adventure. But once again we were destined to discover that just when we thought we had found our Nirvana, as with the Islands, and as with the nature trails of Brickyard Creek, the true spirit of Brickyard Creek is not the place itself but it is in the people that make it up. Over the past ten years Susanne and I have worked on countless clean-up weekends, working hand in hand, side by side with strangers who became neighbors who then became friends. We have attended all but one of the community socials to be rewarded at each one with a new friendship, a new story, or simply sharing a good cigar with neighbor John J .

What we have fallen madly in love with is the “spirit” of this community …. Spirit comprised of wonderful friends, awesome environs , and bountiful wildlife. We often find ourselves sharing a mid-summer glass of wine with Jim and Nancy thanking them again for introducing us to this community. And we have introduced friends who have also become neighbors here (Ken and Hattie Nerad) and so on goes the story of our Brickyard Creek family.