Snowstorm and Winter Preparedness

Well, it was one of the longest, mildest fall seasons I can recall. A decent run into early December, but we all knew winter would arrive eventually. Indeed, it has and safe to say the snow is here to stay.
BYC Pavilion After January 2022 Storm

The BYC Pavilion after the January 2022 storm.

So, with that, the annual list of BYC winter reminders:

  • Mantra: Snow tires for the car and ice cleats for the feet – Snow tires for the car and ice cleats for the feet – Snow tires…
  • If extra traction is required, three barrels with dried sand are placed around the community – one near the front entrance, one along Brickyard Creek Rd. near Casey, and one next to the Sophie Lane street sign.
  • Store extra water – if the power goes out, the well pump doesn’t work.
  • Septic companies require a shoveled path to the holding tank cover for a pump out.
  • Please see the Seasonal Cottage Checklists found on the Brickyard Creek Community website for more information about winter preparedness.

With almost all cottages now open throughout the winter, I have most driveways on the “always plow” list. That said, if you are making a special trip to your place this winter, notification is appreciated so I can double-check and make sure your place is accessible. Thank you!

The general rule is that three inches or more is considered plowable snow. That said, Gary and I consistently communicate throughout a snowstorm, are aware of occupied cottages and lake homes, and are both proactive. Often this means we are out in the middle of the night to do whatever it takes to help people get around.

If you are heading to your Northwoods digs, pack your snowshoes and skis – Bayfield is a winter wonderland again.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Jeffery A. Garrett 
Director, Brickyard Creek
“An environmental community on the shore of Lake Superior.”