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Sanitation and Recycling

The BYC Community is committed to the responsible disposal of garbage, including recycling.  Association-provided dumpsters are located on the south side of Roy’s Point Boulevard, just east of Brickyard Creek Road.  The dumpsters are for exclusive use of BYC residents and guests. Park Service dumpsters are located next to their entrance and are for their exclusive use.

Waste management is a significant portion of the association’s annual budget and therefore important that every effort is made to efficiently prepare items for disposal.  Currently, summer pick-up for the trash dumpster is twice a week and recycling is once a week.  In the off-season, the trash is emptied every other week and the recycling once a month.  Here are some guidelines for recycling and trash removal.


Paper and cardboard, metals, glass, and plastics are all accepted in the recycling dumpster. Please break-down all boxes to maximize space. Thank you!


Every-day household trash is accepted in the garbage dumpster. Construction material and waste, such as insulation, is not allowed. In addition, boat covering or other marina trash is not allowed. Roy’s Point Marina has dumpsters for boat material on the South side of their parking lot.

Rental Cottages

The rental management company will remove both garbage and recycling after departure.


Opportunistic and intelligent, bears are common in our boreal forest.  If the dumpster is not properly closed, bears will get in the trash.  It is essential to use all three clips provided to properly close the dumpster and lock it down.  If a bear is allowed to even reach in the dumpster and pull out trash bags they can become a problem bear.  In addition, having the dumpsters properly closed will also help to keep out other smaller animals.  Locking down the dumpster is both a safety and monetary issue.  The clean-up can be extensive.  Please read for further information and tips.

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