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General policies, guidelines and resources are linked below.

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Rental Policy & Resources

The following rental policy and occupancy limits were last revised October 2021.

Rental Policy Resolution

The BYC Rental Policy Resolution document linked below addresses:

  • Resolution Definitions
  • Rental Unit Owner Responsibilities
  • Rental Management Agency Responsibilities
  • Brickyard Creek Rental Fee

BYC Rental Policy Resolution (pdf)

Compliance Violation Process

Brickyard Creek is a residential community nestled in the woods on the edge of Lake Superior. Our community is made up of a variety of owners – some seasonal, some fulltime and some offering short term rentals for visiting tourist. Our goal is to provide a successful rental program designed to encourage visitors to enjoy this place within the framework of our common expectations.

Periodically there are problems with violations of those rules and policies. Our BYC Process for managing Rental Violations provides the necessary steps to follow in the case of a violation.

Process document for: Rental Unit Violations (pdf)

Occupancy Limits
  • Aspen – studio, one bath – 2 people
  • Taiga – one bedroom, one bath – 3 people
  • Woodland – two bedrooms, two baths – 5 people
  • Meadow – two bedrooms, two baths – 5 people
  • Expanded Meadow – four bedrooms, two baths – 8 people
  • Creekside A – three bedrooms, three baths – 7 people
  • Creekside B – two bedrooms, two baths – 5 people
EFFECTIVE January 2020 - Town of Bayfield Short-Term Rental Ordinance

The following ordinance will go into effect in January of 2020. Please plan ahead for this change:

Town of Bayfield Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Rental Resources

The Brickyard Rental Overview Group is constantly at work searching for ways to ingratiate renters and still maintain the tranquil natural escape our community adores. These documents are welcoming and ensure our community values and expectations are clear and easy for guests to understand.

To stay compliant...

  • Ensure your rental agency website links and rental postings showcase the new Rental Policy Document (Revised 12/2021) — DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Provide each guest this Welcome to Brickyard Creek document during check-in and also include it within your property welcome binder DOWNLOAD PDF
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