Reflection … Restoration … Renewal

Collage of images taken throughout the Brickyard Creek forest

Reflection … Restoration … Renewal

Enriching and contemplative words, aren’t they? For me, and perhaps for you … these are among a litany of words that tickle my mind, heart and soul when I immerse in the natural world. Walking the trails of Brickyard Creek, wandering the shores of Lake Superior, exploring the natural beauty inherent in all of it, elicit for me … reflection, restoration and renewal. With all senses engaged, my mind, body and spirit ‘reboot’. A quiet calm presents itself. Clarity of vision emerges. My spirit renews.

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The natural environment of Brickyard Creek is an amazing gift and a defining element of this wonderful community. Gratitude for this lovingly protected and tended resource goes to many, most notably … Dave Culberson and Bob Davidson, Jeff and Diane Garrett, the Brickyard Creek Board of Directors, the Vision Committee, and indeed all who embrace this amazing place, and who experiece … reflection, restoration and renewal.

The images shared here are just a sampling of the Fall magic here at Brickyard Creek. You have many favorites of your own. Cheers to the magic that you experience and that you bring to this community.

Joan Cybela


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