Pets and the Common Shared Areas of BYC

Without question, we are a dog-loving community, and it’s fantastic to have an area that the pups can swim, fetch and socialize, but a reminder that they must be actively engaged and under control or leashed at all times. Of course, this comes down to constant awareness and courtesy for others. Always important but crucial with the compromised space we can expect throughout the rest of the year.

Pets and the Common Shared Areas

Please review: 

Dog Policy in the Shared Picnic and Beach Area 

This policy is also posted at the trailhead on the edge of the parking lot. By the way, this “communication board” is also a go-to resource to learn about upcoming events, get-togethers, and stewardship opportunities. I hope you’ll check it out before taking a walk on the trails, going for a paddle, or relaxing at the lake.

Constructing the trailhead and staining the picnic pavilion were excellent first steps towards improving the entire area. Recently, the kayak rack was moved and extended to meet our growing need for more space. It is serving its purpose but this Fall I will ask that all kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards be removed so that I can level the rack, stain it, and add protective padding. I’ll share more on logistics as we near the end of the season.

You will also be pleased to see a temporary fire ring has been added just above the lake with a jaw-dropping view down the West Channel. The idea is to have the option to move it if necessary. Once an ideal location is determined (possibly right where it currently sits) a permanent, more attractive fire pit can be built. We’ll see how it works. The idea is to keep embers away from the boats while enhancing this incredible gathering place. There is also a plan to build a firewood rack, so good burning wood is readily available.

If the forest trails and listening points are for inward reflection, then the picnic and beach area is where we gather, talk, and build community. I hope together we can make this shared space more user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and an excellent experience for all.

Jeffery A. Garrett
Manager, Brickyard Creek
“An environmental community on the shore of Lake Superior”
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