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We are an environmental residential community on the shores of Lake Superior

The citizens of Brickyard Creek (BYC) are committed to the active stewardship of our environmental community through the promotion of ongoing education, achievement of continued economic stability and being active, good neighbors throughout our Lake Superior communities.

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Sense of Place – Postcard of the Senses

Sense of Place – Postcard of the Senses

By: Jeff Rennicke, Executive Director, Friends of Apostle Islands National LakeshorePhoto: Jeff RennickeNature is more than a feast for the eyes. It can fill all of your senses, if you let it. Yet we become so reliant on our sense of sight that we let it overshadow...

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Brickyard Creek Looks Clear, but is it Healthy?

Brickyard Creek Looks Clear, but is it Healthy?

This piece is being shared with you by Boreal Forest Citizen and Brickyard Creek community member, Dan Wilczek. After practicing law for 35 years, Dan enjoys the opportunity to do some hard science as Steve Sandstrom’s biology student. Admittedly disappointed with...

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Architecture is Not Subjective

Architecture is Not Subjective

Brickyard Creek has a clear identity, put in place by the developers and furthered by many of its residents, committees, and board of directors. It also has an Architectural Control Committee that uses the property’s guidelines to help ensure that there is no disruption in the overall character of the community.

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