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We are an environmental residential community on the shores of Lake Superior

The citizens of Brickyard Creek (BYC) are committed to the active stewardship of our environmental community through the promotion of ongoing education, achievement of continued economic stability and being active, good neighbors throughout our Lake Superior communities.

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Current News

What is an architectural control committee?

What is an architectural control committee?

What is an architectural control committee?How is it that some places you walk or drive through have a feeling of warmth and a sense of belonging, so much you think, “I could live here,” while other places elicit no human emotion other than one that asks, “How do I...

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Bayfield Blizzard

Bayfield Blizzard

Good Morning from the Buried 'Creek, I am just in from another round of snow removal and a good stomp around our forest. I am relieved to share that the storm has finally abated after a relentless 40 hours of non-stop wind, whiteout conditions, and...

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