Brickyard Creek Community on Lake Superior

Brickyard Creek is a residential environmental community on Lake Superior dedicated to active stewardship and tranquility.

Boreal Forest Citizen

The Boreal Forest Citizenry

This piece is being shared with you by Boreal Forest Citizen and Brickyard Creek community member, Dale Klubertanz. Dale is the chair of the Forest and Watershed Committee and an association board member. You can find him walking with his dog Hattie on the beach and...

Spring Treasures Hidden Under the Snow

This  photo collection is being shared with you by Boreal Forest Citizen and Brickyard Creek community member, Zina Harrington. You might find Zina and her husband (Shad) with their two girls (Nya & Lola) skipping rocks at the beach, roaming the community trails...

Reflection … Restoration … Renewal

Reflection ... Restoration ... Renewal Enriching and contemplative words, aren't they? For me, and perhaps for you ... these are among a litany of words that tickle my mind, heart and soul when I immerse in the natural world. Walking the trails of Brickyard Creek,...

Manager & Committee Updates

Brickyard Creek Manager Report

Already January is over, but in some ways I feel like winter has yet to begin. Any progress to the contrary has been quickly erased by misty, gray days reminiscent of late fall. In fact, the open water makes the relatively recent Polar Vortex now seem like an obscure memory. Of course, even that event was not a harken back to winters of old, but rather the ushering in of a fierce unpredictability now evidenced by epic windstorms and rainfall totals often conveyed by inches.

Board Update On Renting 

Your Brickyard Creek Association Board of Directors wants to provide you with an update on an important issue presented at the May 28th Annual Meeting. Please spend some time to review this message and contact any of the board members listed at the end of this communication with your questions.

Checking Our Pulse • The BYC Vision Committee (2011 – 2016)

"We come to BYC to pause and reflect; we come here to be alone; we come here to escape our perceived reality AND we come here to listen – to truly listen to nature, and thus to ourselves. We seek our own Listening Points at BYC." -- A BYC Neighbor What is the purpose...

Focused on Lake, Land, Learning, Legacy and Leadership

Winter Note and Assessment Schedule

  Seasons greetings from the 'Creek! I am at the moment perched in front of a satisfying fire after an invigorating hike through our winter wonderland. Almost seems routine after weeks of frigid cold and lake effect snow. That is not to say that the experience is any...

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Ken and Harriet Nerad

Impressed! In October 2004, we accompanied our friends and neighbors, Stan and Sue Kaufman, on a weekend get away to their cottage in Bayfield, WI.  We were quite impressed with the surroundings and the friendliness of the neighbors.  After returning home, we mulled...

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Boreal Forest Citizen

There’s a lot going on in the Boreal Forests of Bayfield, Wisconsin!

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Come and Explore Brickyard Creek

The boreal forest of Brickyard Creek and the shore of Lake Superior are wondrous during all four seasons.