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About Us

We are an environmental residential community on the shores of Lake Superior

The citizens of Brickyard Creek are committed to the active stewardship of our environmental community through the promotion of ongoing education, achievement of continued economic stability and being active, good neighbors throughout our Lake Superior communities.

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Current News

Snowstorm and Winter Preparedness

Snowstorm and Winter Preparedness

Well, it was one of the longest, mildest fall seasons I can recall. A decent run into early December, but we all knew winter would arrive eventually. Indeed, it has and safe to say the snow is here to stay. The BYC Pavilion after the January 2022 storm. So, with that,...

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2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Click image to view the report.This has been an amazing year of accomplishments and challenges at Brickyard Creek. It has also been a year of adjustments, challenging us to find new ways to do old things. Speaking of new things, the Board is proud to present this...

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