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I first experienced Lake Superior on a backpacking trip in the summer of ’96. It was the 4th of July and miserably humid – far too warm to hike. The “big freezer,” as the locals referred to the vast inland sea, did not provide the relief they had promised until the very next day when it snowed. Only a few flakes, but upon seeing the big puffs of white drift down, I turned to my wife, Diane, and stated matter-of-factly, “I need to live near this lake.” As so often happens when one makes such a pronouncement it was only a matter of time before fate directed my life to Bayfield.

Like many, Brickyard Creek was attractive because of the proximity to the lake and the islands. However, I was quickly mesmerized by the towering mix of hemlock, spruce, balsam, and pine that make up the forest. In fact, on my first tour of the property in 2002 I asked Bob Davidson what the place looked like in the winter. Not missing a beat, he stated that it was a “Wonderland,” and I was sold.

Early explorations around the property always ended with a game of fetch with Catch the Border Collie who was often waiting at the end of the sales office driveway with a frisbee in her mouth. I loved her and told David Culberson if she ever had puppies…

So in October of 2003 Sydney picked me.

Her introduction into our lives changed everything. Beforehand, I spent all my days (and many nights) as a trainer and operations manager for a growing Twin Cities company. While I still worked hard and pursued excellence, I was happily required to take many, many, many hikes along the roughed out trials throughout the BYC property. Of course, we did an excellent job of keeping the path along the creek passable to the beach where we played endless games of fetch. Like mother like daughter I guess.

Admittedly, what I most liked about being in the forest was the way it made me feel. There was something about the density, age or type of trees and plants that brought a sense of awe or even reverence. I didn’t understand it at first, but I knew I had stumbled on a special place. Over the next decade, I took many walks with Dale Klubertanz and other naturalists and learned that we lived within a “pocket” or remnant boreal forest that contained rare plants and trees not found elsewhere on the mainland of Wisconsin.

During this time I was also spending many of my early evenings playing with Sydney’s family and talking to Dave for hours about environmental development practices. I learned that our cottages were designed and constructed so that “blending into nature” was the primary architectural statement. That is when it became clear to me that Brickyard Creek had the opportunity to be world class and my appreciation for the community became more tangible.

In 2011 I saw a need to become involved. I was elected to the Board of Directors and assigned to a committee that oversaw operations. Soon after, I was hired to manage the association with the goal of improving the infrastructure and trail system and creating relationships that could assist the community in reaching its full potential.

The Brickyard Creek Identity Statement is the blueprint for these aims:

“Brickyard Creek is a residential environmental community on the shore of Lake Superior dedicated to active stewardship and tranquility. BYC is dedicated to lake, land, learning, lifestyle, leadership, and legacy.”

The “L” alliteration expanded the idea of who we are and what we can be. Highlighting our community values brought about an evolution that created meaning, initiated action,  and outlined the manager position and goals.

They are:

  • Maintain Brickyard Creek’s infrastructure and grounds with total vision and a keen understanding of aesthetic.
  • Establish and sustain a day-to-day operation plan to assure member well-being and protect their investment
  • Connect with the greater community to preserve Brickyard Creek’s long-term viability

I believe more than ever that we are establishing a community model that is unique, purposeful and remarkable. Together we are becoming a leader and building a legacy.  I am honored to be of service to the Brickyard Creek Community. And I am grateful that Sydney is still walking those trails today.

Jeffery Garrett, Brickyard Creek Manager
Phone – 715-781-3958
Email – Jeffery.BYC@gmail.com

Manager Overview

The Brickyard Creek Manager is the “hands-on, go to” person for all issues relating to the administration, operations and maintenance of the BYC Condominium Associations, The Umbrella Association, the Roy’s Point Shores, and BYC III lake shore property owners; and the common properties thereof.  The BYC Property Manager facilitates communications’ among and between property owners, potential buyers, the board of directors, board committees, contractors, suppliers and a broad network of community partners. As such the Property Manager is the “first call” resource for all administration, operations, and maintenance issues at BYC as enumerated below.


Being the hub of communication at BYC is an essential component of the manager position and key to BYC’s development as a vital, sustainable community.  Skills in information sharing, policy and protocol development and interpretation, conflict resolution, community relations and development are essential as the manager works with:

BYC Residents and Guests

  • Serve as the “on call”, first point of contact, hands-on resource to residents, guests, vendors, and community partners; answering questions, providing policy interpretations, recommending resources, and facilitating communication and problem resolution.
  • Facilitate understanding of and oversee compliance with Common Expectations, ACC processes, and other adopted board policies.
  • Conduct welcome meetings with all new owners, providing a community overview, a copy of handbook, Q&A, tours.
  • Serve as link or messenger between residents, the Board of Directors.
  • Support development, maintenance, and availability of various essential printed and electronic resources including: The BYC Handbook, Common Expectations, other adopted policies.
  • Support development and maximum use of BYC Community Website, Face Book and other social media platforms as platforms for communication dissemination of information.

BYC Community Partners

  • Maintain a solid working relationship with the National Park Superintendent, park staff, and park support organizations.
  • Maintain a solid working relationship with Roy’s Point Marina staff, leadership, and members.
  • Maintain a solid working relationship with The Developer (Roy’s Point Limited Partners and Brickyard Creek Limited Partners).
  • Maintain a solid working relationship and “as needed” contact with Winfield Inn and/or other rental management agencies approved by the board.

Bayfield Community Partners

  • Maintain a solid working relationship and regular connection with Red Cliff PD and Bayfield Sheriff and other emergency responders.
  • Attend Bayfield area community meetings as a representative of the Brickyard Creek to stay informed, develop relationships, educate, provide support; and facilitate BYC community residents to do the same.
  • Volunteer as a representative of the BYC Community and facilitate BYC community residents to do the same.
  • Solicit expert advice and consultation from Bayfield area Partners (e.g. SOIE) and facilitate development of joint forest and watershed projects at BYC.
  • Develop and maintain a working partnership between the Friends of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and the BYC community and residents.
  • Promote BYC with local businesses and community organizations.

Boreal Forest Citizen

  • Facilitate contributors to the Boreal Forest Citizen newsletter.
  • Facilitate opportunities for residents to volunteer in Brickyard Creek.
  • Facilitate monthly work mornings – entry weeding/planting, staining projects, trails, etc.
  • Facilitate BYC volunteer support work with community partners (Nat’l Park, Bayfield Regional – Conservancy).
  • Promote community involvement and promote pathways for BYC residents and guest to “live the vision.”
  • Facilitate educational events.
  • Facilitate fun activities or adventures – sports, art, how-to projects, music, etc.

Board of Directors and Committees

  • Serve as recording secretary and staff resource for the board of directors.
  • Provide staff support for the work of the Vision and Forest and Watershed Committees, and other action groups as approved by the Board.
  • Provide insight, offer recommendations, and initiate action as needed and directed regarding such matters as:
    • ACC Guidelines
    • Association(s) vs Owner responsibilities (e.g. holding tanks, wells, sewers)
    • Rental policies and practices
    • Fees and Assessments
    • Common Expectations, Rules and Regulations.
  • Monitor and facilitate compliance with Common Expectations.
  • Help draft, edit, and review correspondence.
  • Support continued development, maintenance, and distribution of the Brickyard Creek Handbook both in print and via the BYC Community website.
  • Support development of and implementation of a website architecture that would best disseminate essential information, support committee work, and be an interactive resource for BYC residents and others.

ACC Coordinator

  • Serve as point contact and process facilitator for the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Provide and collect required information, and oversee communications to assure submission, review and approval the processes are completed in a timely manner.
  • Monitor all residences to assure compliance with ACC guidelines and protocols.


  • Maintain good working relationships.
  • Establish clear and consistent expectations with vendors.
  • Routinely meet with vendors to review work plans.
  • Help the vendors develop a sense of ownership that results in quick, reliable service.
  • Evaluate quality of service and providing input.
  • Work with vendors to anticipate needs by helping them to always look ahead.

Realtors and Potential Buyers

  • Answer questions via phone or email.
  • Provide tours and be available for sit-down meetings.
  • Maintain solid working relationship with local realtors regularly providing them with information about BYC’s Mission, Vision, and Values; community policies and resources.
  • Add “tags” to community website and other social media to drive traffic.
Operations and Maintenance

Conduct the following operations and maintenance activities; arrange for, coordinate and oversee the activities provided by third-party contractors as follows:


  • Wells: routine well inspection, diagnosis, repair and maintenance.
  • Hazardous tree management: Work with professional contractor to coordinate hazardous tree management. Also, remove downed trees from roads, driveways, and hiking trails in a timely manner.
  • Trash Coordination.  Work with trash and recycling haulers to coordinate a seasonably appropriate trash pick-up schedule.  Routinely check trash area and clean up any refuse as needed.  Ensure that the trash area and adjacent areas and roadways stay cleaned up.
  • Signage: Maintain all signage and ensure that damaged signage is repaired and replaced promptly.
  • Perform trail maintenance and enhancement consistent with annual operations plan and budget.
  • Beach and Picnic Area: In cooperation with Roy’s Point Marina and Roy’ Point Limited Partners; provide maintenance and enhancements consistent with the annual operations plan and budget.
  • Monitor road conditions and execute operations plan to repair and maintain roads, condominium drive ways and parking areas.
  • Coordinate activities with expert contractors to develop and implement long-term road maintenance and repairs consistent with annual operations plan and budget.
  • Contract with snow plow supplier to have snow removed from BYC roads during the winter season.
  • Conduct routine/frequent walk-arounds to monitor security and general appearance of BYC communal areas.
  • Act to ensure timely correction of infrastructure problems as they occur.
  • Provide for entry maintenance.
Financial Administration

Provide, arrange for and oversee the following Financial Administration functions:


  • In conjunction with the Treasurer and Finance Committee prepare and present an annual operating budget.
  • Draft bi-annual financial notes to aid the finance committee and BOD.
  • Monitor collection of all assessment and related member charges and work with Treasurer to address overdue payment issues.
  • Hire and provide administrative oversight for a bookkeeper.
  • Provide oversite on the payroll, taxes, and other gov’t forms.
  • Maintain a banking relationship with a local bank.
  • In consultation with the Finance Committee and the bookkeeper, set-up an effective system to pay invoices promptly and maintain current P&L’s.
  • Communicate with the bookkeeper to assure accuracy and manage adjustments.
  • See Board approval for all non-budgeted expenditures over $500.
  • Manage expenses to come in at or under budget.
  • Fill out bank loan forms for all potential buyers and closing papers.