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Board Bios

The Brickyard Creek HOA Board is a group of owners who volunteer their time to ensure our community thrives and abides by the principles and vision on which this development was built. Their photos and bios are below.

Peter Tropman – President

Ginny Graves and I have been residents of Brickyard Creek since 2002. We love it! We currently live in Brickyard Creek III but have also owned cottages in Brickyard Creek I and II. Unlike Goldilocks, we liked each cottage, but like Goldilocks, our current cottage feels “just right.” Ginny and I are no longer working for pay, but we are not “retired.” Instead, we are “repurposing.”

Being an active Boreal Forest Citizen is a big part of that. For us, it means engaging with this wonderful community of people, hiking the trails, kayaking, and hanging out at the beach with the pups. It also means giving back by working on the Board, breaking a sweat on work days, and engaging in the life of the Bayfield Community. I hope that these contributions help to assure that what we enjoy today is here for others tomorrow.

See you ‘round The Yard!

Brad Wiersum –
Vice President

Brad and Karen Wiersum joined the BYC Community as cottage owners in November of 2004. For them, BYC was a weekend escape that was connected to Bayfield and to Lake Superior. Brad and Karen first discovered Bayfield together in 1981. The majesty of Lake Superior, the opportunity to explore the Apostle Islands, the charm of the City of Bayfield, and the raw physical beauty of Northern Wisconsin were all factors in their choice of Brickyard Creek as their getaway. It has been a good decision. The discovery has been that BYC is a community. Brad and Karen have made many friends at BYC, and it is the friendships and connections that have made the experience there so rich and

Brad has been involved in the governance of BYC in a variety of ways. He serves on the BYC Board. He is also a Past-President of the BYC Board. Following a fairly brief hiatus, Brad has returned as a board member, Vice President and member of the Executive Committee.

Back home in Minnetonka, MN, Karen is self-employed as a Marketing Research Consultant and also works in the public schools assisting developmentally challenged young adults. Brad serves as the mayor of Minnetonka, MN and is looking for some part-time work following retirement from his day job in August, 2018.

Jim Gilson –

My wife, Pat, and I are Wisconsin natives, and we lived and worked for most of our lives in the Madison area. In 2009 we moved to Phoenix to be close to our son and his family – to spend time with our grandkids while they’re young and still think we’re sorta cool. In 2015, nearing retirement and driven by the desire to escape the inferno that is Phoenix in the summer, we purchased our cottage on Olivia Lane.
Phoenix is a nice place to spend the winter. But each spring when we make the long drive back to Bayfield it feels like coming home. This is where I feel connected – to the community, to the forest, to the lake. Brickyard is important to me – a place I want to preserve and protect. 
I’m fully in support of the vision that’s been established for our community and the sense of stewardship that it calls for. My priorities include:
  • Protecting and enhancing our unique forest environment.
  • Supporting the work of our manager and of our committees.
  • Promoting sound financial management.
  • Ensuring that new development meets the use and aesthetic standards that have been adopted.
  • Providing fair and consistent enforcement of common expectations and rules.
  • Promoting partnerships with the extended community. 
I consider it a privilege to serve on the board and to work on these things on behalf of this special community.

Tony Jeannette –

I have lived and worked at Brickyard Creek full-time since October of 2016. I decided to purchase a home here primarily based on the community identity statement. We have a natural treasure at our doorstep, a treasure that requires protection and good stewardship. As a BYC board member, my focus is on our 6-L’s: Lake, Land, Learning, Legacy, Lifestyle and Leadership.

I have worked for American Family Insurance for 31 years doing graphic/web design and project management. At BYC, I recently designed and programmed the new BYC website. I am also a member of the Forest and Watershed Committee and am assisting with the work of the Vision Committee.

In the greater community, I am a volunteer at Helping Paws Pet Rescue. I recently designed their new website. I am also assisting the Bayfield Heritage Association with creating “virtual” exhibits for their online collection.

Previous board experience includes: Board President – Association of Talent Development; HOA Secretary – Wieland Condo Association in Duluth; Trustee – Village of Rio Wisconsin.

BYC and Bayfield are fantastic places to live. I want to serve our community in a way that preserves what is special and enhances what is to come.

Dan Wilczek –

After 35 years of practicing law in the Twin Cities, I retired. My dream was to live on Lake Superior and spend more time enjoying nature. Bayfield/Brickyard Creek was not my first choice to live, but it has proven to be the best choice. I love living here for myriad reasons — great people, beautiful scenery every day, the trails, a community with an environmental focus, a multitude of opportunities to get involved, peace and quiet, Big Top…. I could go on and on. This is a very special place and community. I also know that what I now enjoy did not occur by accident. I am a beneficiary of the work of many others (Jeff is at the top of the list), and I want to do my part in working to continue (and maybe even enhance) those things that make me proud to live in Brickyard Creek. That commitment extends to hand-to-stem battle with the evil yellow-headed invader of our community (common tansy).

Nancy Sandstrom –

Nancy has spent a part of every summer of her life in the Bayfield area, as did her mother and her grandmother. Over the years, she has lived in various places, had a variety of jobs and yet always returned to Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands.

Nancy grew up in the Twin Cities until she was 14, when her family moved to Brookfield, WI (suburb of Milwaukee). She graduated from Brookfield Central HS in 1968 and attended UW Madison where she got her degree in Early Childhood Development and Elementary Ed.

She and her husband, Steve, met in high school and while attending different colleges, continued to stay connected. They married in April, 1972. Their jobs in those early years focused around education, with Nancy starting and running the Green Lake Preschool while Steve taught Biology and Env. Sciences. Daughters Kristen and Darcy were born in 1974 and 1976.

Over the next 25 years Nancy and Steve lived in numerous communities including Ripon, Port Washington, River Falls, Madison and Brookfield. Nancy held a variety of positions in the non-profit world including the American Cancer Society, Leukemia Society, and Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation. The work included fund raising, marketing and administration. Steve held a variety of positions both in education and in private business. But each summer, there were numerous trips to Bayfield and Madeline Island.

In the mid 90’s, Steve & Nancy were looking at both kids being in college. That empty nest was a sign that it was time for a new phase. In 1995 they negotiated the purchase of Pinehurst Inn, a 4-room bed and breakfast located in Bayfield. Of note: the property had been owned by cousins on Nancy’s side for most of it’s life. No emotion in this purchase!

Nancy (and their Golden Retriever, Tess) moved up to Bayfield in January, 1996. Steve stayed in Milwaukee to continue his day job. Over the course of 5 months, Nancy (and Steve on weekends) oversaw the first of numerous phases of renovations. Pinehurst Inn reopened to guests in May, 1996. Nancy managed the entire operation for the next 2-1/2 years with Steve making over 80 trips between Brookfield and Bayfield.

In 1998 Steve took a position at Northland College. He continued to work full time while increasing his involvement at Pinehurst Inn. During the 20 years of ownership, Nancy and Steve grew the business to have one of the most successful occupancies in the area. They focused on Sustainability in their operations and were recognized both at the state and national level for their work. Nancy also served on numerous state and local boards through those years including the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce, Bayfield Regional Conservancy, Apostle Island Community Fund, and the Travel Green Wisconsin Committee (Wi Dept of Tourism).

After 20 years in business, Pinehurst Inn was sold. In Spring of 2016, Nancy and Steve made the move from a full time business to retirement (whatever that means). Their move to Brickyard Creek has been a blessing. The community, the woods, the trails, the connection to Bayfield and our history – key ingredients for a simple, yet plentiful life.

Nancy is pleased to serve on the Brickyard Creek Board of Directors and looks forward to being a part of shaping how our community continues to grow and thrive.

Terry Gibson –

Terry Gibson, is currently serving in an interim capacity with the resignation of a board member and his appointment by the BYC Board of Directors.  Terry is a former BYC Board President and a long time resident of BYC. 

With his late wife Chere, they were the first people to move into BYC in 1999.  Terry’s full-time residence is in Madison, Wisconsin.  

All seasons are special at BYC and Terry enjoys the winter snows, the spring flowers, the summer breezes, and the fall colors.