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The Brickyard Creek HOA Board is a group of owners who volunteer their time to ensure our community thrives and abides by the principles and vision on which this development was built. Their photos and bios are below.

Nancy Sandstrom

Nancy Sandstrom

Nancy has spent a part of every summer of her life in the Bayfield area, as did her mother and her grandmother. Over the years, she has lived in various places, had a variety of jobs and yet always returned to Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands.

Nancy grew up in the Twin Cities until she was 14, when her family moved to Brookfield, WI (suburb of Milwaukee). She graduated from Brookfield Central HS in 1968 and attended UW Madison where she got her degree in Early Childhood Development and Elementary Ed.

She and her husband, Steve, met in high school and while attending different colleges, continued to stay connected. They married in April, 1972. Their jobs in those early years focused around education, with Nancy starting and running the Green Lake Preschool while Steve taught Biology and Env. Sciences. Daughters Kristen and Darcy were born in 1974 and 1976.

Over the next 25 years Nancy and Steve lived in numerous communities including Ripon, Port Washington, River Falls, Madison and Brookfield. Nancy held a variety of positions in the non-profit world including the American Cancer Society, Leukemia Society, and Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation. The work included fund raising, marketing and administration. Steve held a variety of positions both in education and in private business. But each summer, there were numerous trips to Bayfield and Madeline Island.

In the mid 90’s, Steve & Nancy were looking at both kids being in college. That empty nest was a sign that it was time for a new phase. In 1995 they negotiated the purchase of Pinehurst Inn, a 4-room bed and breakfast located in Bayfield. Of note: the property had been owned by cousins on Nancy’s side for most of it’s life. No emotion in this purchase!

Nancy (and their Golden Retriever, Tess) moved up to Bayfield in January, 1996. Steve stayed in Milwaukee to continue his day job. Over the course of 5 months, Nancy (and Steve on weekends) oversaw the first of numerous phases of renovations. Pinehurst Inn reopened to guests in May, 1996. Nancy managed the entire operation for the next 2-1/2 years with Steve making over 80 trips between Brookfield and Bayfield.

In 1998 Steve took a position at Northland College. He continued to work full time while increasing his involvement at Pinehurst Inn. During the 20 years of ownership, Nancy and Steve grew the business to have one of the most successful occupancies in the area. They focused on Sustainability in their operations and were recognized both at the state and national level for their work. Nancy also served on numerous state and local boards through those years including the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce, Bayfield Regional Conservancy, Apostle Island Community Fund, and the Travel Green Wisconsin Committee (Wi Dept of Tourism).

After 20 years in business, Pinehurst Inn was sold. In Spring of 2016, Nancy and Steve made the move from a full time business to retirement (whatever that means). Their move to Brickyard Creek has been a blessing. The community, the woods, the trails, the connection to Bayfield and our history – key ingredients for a simple, yet plentiful life.

Nancy is pleased to serve on the Brickyard Creek Board of Directors and looks forward to being a part of shaping how our community continues to grow and thrive.

Peter Jaroff
Vice President

Peter Jaroff

I have been coming to Brickyard Creek for 20 years now, and my wife and I currently own the property at 47 Olivia Lane. I have had a long career in TV and radio broadcasting, and currently teach television and web and social media production, writing, and professional development at Temple University. I believe my long experience with Brickyard Creek and my background in communication will be an asset to the Board.

I want to be able to give something back to the Brickyard Creek community, which has meant so much to me and my wife over the past 20 years. I admire the values around which the community is based and would like to see them continue to be communicated to new generations of owners and renters.

My goal is to work to preserve and enhance the quality of life that has been established for Brickyard Creek and to find ways to continue to improve communication within the community and between Brickyard Creek and the larger Bayfield community.

Peggy Knapp

Peggy Knapp

There is a time to listen and a time to contribute your voice. As a relatively new owner, I spent a couple years listening to our community, learning as the homeowner association has evolved. It feels like the right time to step up to serve, and I bring skills and experience that will benefit our community.

I hold a doctorate in education, with an emphasis on environmental education, and am the former Director of Programs at Minnesota’s Freshwater Society, a statewide environmental advocacy organization. My professional and academic focus has always been on water- protecting it, teaching about its significance, studying our many relationships with it, and creating programs that develop community leadership to protect and improve water quality.

Prior to my experience in education, I spent a decade as an environmental journalist at CNN, TBS, and CNN International and a science field reporter on TPT, a public television network based in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Fresh out of college, I was a working actor, voice talent, and improvisational sketch comedian.

I believe that everything is connected to everything else, including the BYCCA. My goals for the Board reflect that belief- to strengthen the relationship between our community and that of the greater Cheq Bay area, increase the resiliency of the built and natural environments of BYCCA, better describe the role of rentals in BYC, and ensure that BYCCA values and mission guide the future development of the remaining cottage sites and land.

Kayla Picciano

Kayla Picciano

I have served on several boards throughout my career (various roles, president, sponsorships, marketing/communications). I am very familiar with board operations and expectations and furthering of the mission of the association/organization.

Living very part-time and seasonally in BYC, my involvement has been less than stellar with the community, beyond being a good steward. Recently I have been involved in discussions supporting Jeff and his continued success at BYC (a pseudo committee member if you will).

My son and I spend more and more of our time in Bayfield (we live full time in Minneapolis), because we absolutely love it! Our community is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. I want to be sure we protect its beauty and magic while continuing to grow BYC in an organic and healthy way.

The board has done an intense amount of work in the last year to put in place policies to insure a solid foundation for BYC. I would like to build upon that and additionally develop policies and procedures for rentals that are implemented and enforced (increased traffic, use of grounds, garbage removal, beach usage, etc.).

David Culberson
Board Member*

David Culberson

*As Chair of the ACC, Dave will recuse himself from any ACC actions taken by the Board.

I have developed projects in the Caribbean, Mexico, the Washington, DC area, and Bayfield, including Brickyard Creek. In doing so, I have extensive experience with the governance of associations.

With respect to Brickyard, I was the first person reading this to have walked the Brickyard property and wade up the creek. While doing so, I came up with the vision to build cottages that would mingle effortlessly with Mother Nature. After some arm-twisting, Bob Davidson agreed, and I began to site and build the majority of the trails, the roads, the bridge, the lakeshore lots, and most of the cottages. We made mistakes – we all do. But we created a wonderful community that attracted buyers who respected and embraced our philosophy.

Since its inception, I have served on the Architectural Control Committee, and my only US home is in Brickyard Creek.

It is critical to preserve Brickyard Creek’s unique character, sense of place, architectural integrity, and continued willingness to be good neighbors within the surrounding community. My goal is to help guide our community through recent changing demographics, travel habits, buying trends, and any notion to tame our outstanding natural environment.