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Board Bios

The Brickyard Creek HOA Board is a group of owners who volunteer their time to ensure our community thrives and abides by the principles and vision on which this development was built. Their photos and bios are below.

Peter Tropman – President

Ginny Graves and I have been residents of Brickyard Creek since 2002. We love it! We currently live in Brickyard Creek III but have also owned cottages in Brickyard Creek I and II. Unlike Goldilocks, we liked each cottage, but like Goldilocks, our current cottage feels “just right.” Ginny and I are no longer working for pay, but we are not “retired.” Instead, we are “repurposing.”

Being an active Boreal Forest Citizen is a big part of that. For us, it means engaging with this wonderful community of people, hiking the trails, kayaking, and hanging out at the beach with the pups. It also means giving back by working on the Board, breaking a sweat on work days, and engaging in the life of the Bayfield Community. I hope that these contributions help to assure that what we enjoy today is here for others tomorrow.

See you ‘round The Yard!

Kay Biga –

Kay Biga is currently serving as the Treasurer for Brickyard Creek association. She and her husband, Patrick Spott, have owned a cottage in BYC II on Jordan Lane since 2007. Their full-time residence is in Duluth, Minnesota.

Kay is an attorney with the Spott Law Office. She also owns the Superior Inn hotel in Superior, Wisconsin.

Kay and Pat have three grown children who all love coming to Brickyard Creek to rest and relax.

Doug Cybela –

Doug is a semi-retired psychologist from Wausau, WI. He and his wife, Joan, have owned a home on the lakeshore since 2001. His interests include kayaking, fishing, and turkey hunting. Doug serves on the Board of Directors because he loves Lake Superior and the identity and vision of the Brickyard Creek Community.

Lin Bick –

Thirteen years ago we set out to visit our friends in Cornucopia and upon their recommendation, ended up renting a cottage in BYC. After a morning of strong coffee and the New York Sunday Times (purchased at the local gas station), we decided to take a look at BYC listings. Long story short, we became owners of Lot and Cabin 37 on Olivia Lane.

Twenty years ago I retired from the University of Minnesota and started a small business representing a singer-songwriter who has aligned with National and Minnesota Public Radio. That business is still going strong with added specialties in merchandising, licensing and intellectual property management.

We are still working stiffs and spend most of our time at our home in Minneapolis.

I am a friend to good causes, social justice, and animals.

Brad Wiersum –

Brad and Karen Wiersum joined the BYC Community as cottage owners in November of 2004. For them, BYC was a weekend escape that was connected to Bayfield and to Lake Superior. Brad and Karen first discovered Bayfield together in 1981. The majesty of Lake Superior, the opportunity to explore the Apostle Islands, the charm of the City of Bayfield, and the raw physical beauty of Northern Wisconsin were all factors in their choice of Brickyard Creek as their getaway. It has been a good decision. The discovery has been that BYC is a community. Brad and Karen have made many friends at BYC, and it is the friendships and connections that have made the experience there so rich and

Brad has been involved in the governance of BYC in a variety of ways. He serves on the BYC Board. He is also a Past-President of the BYC Board. Following a fairly brief hiatus, Brad has returned as a board member, Vice President and member of the Executive Committee.

Back home in Minnetonka, MN, Karen is self-employed as a Marketing Research Consultant and also works in the public schools assisting developmentally challenged young adults. Brad serves as the mayor of Minnetonka, MN and is looking for some part-time work following retirement from his day job in August, 2018.

Jeff Garrett –

I first experienced Lake Superior on a backpacking trip in the summer of ’96. It was the 4th of July and miserably humid – far too warm to hike. The “big freezer,” as the locals referred to the vast inland sea, did not provide the relief they had promised until the very next day when it snowed. Only a few flakes, but upon seeing the big puffs of white drift down, I turned to my wife, Diane, and stated matter-of-factly, “I need to live near this lake.” As so often happens when one makes such a pronouncement it was only a matter of time before fate directed my life to Bayfield.

Like many, Brickyard Creek was attractive because of the proximity to the lake and the islands. However, I was quickly mesmerized by the towering mix of hemlock, spruce, balsam, and pine that make up the forest. In fact, on my first tour of the property in 2002 I asked Bob Davidson what the place looked like in the winter. Not missing a beat, he stated that it was a “Wonderland,” and I was sold.

Early explorations around the property always ended with a game of fetch with Catch the Border Collie who was often waiting at the end of the sales office driveway with a frisbee in her mouth. I loved her and told David Culberson if she ever had puppies…

So in October of 2003 Sydney picked me.

Her introduction into our lives changed everything. Beforehand, I spent all my days (and many nights) as a trainer and operations manager for a growing Twin Cities company. While I still worked hard and pursued excellence, I was happily required to take many, many, many hikes along the roughed out trials throughout the BYC property. Of course, we did an excellent job of keeping the path along the creek passable to the beach where we played endless games of fetch. Like mother like daughter I guess.

Admittedly, what I most liked about being in the forest was the way it made me feel. There was something about the density, age or type of trees and plants that brought a sense of awe or even reverence. I didn’t understand it at first, but I knew I had stumbled on a special place. Over the next decade, I took many walks with Dale Klubertanz and other naturalists and learned that we lived within a “pocket” or remnant boreal forest that contained rare plants and trees not found elsewhere on the mainland of Wisconsin.

During this time I was also spending many of my early evenings playing with Sydney’s family and talking to Dave for hours about environmental development practices. I learned that our cottages were designed and constructed so that “blending into nature” was the primary architectural statement. That is when it became clear to me that Brickyard Creek had the opportunity to be world class and my appreciation for the community became more tangible.

In 2011 I saw a need to become involved. I was elected to the Board of Directors and assigned to a committee that oversaw operations. Soon after, I was hired to manage the association with the goal of improving the infrastructure and trail system and creating relationships that could assist the community in reaching its full potential.

The Brickyard Creek Identity Statement is the blueprint for these aims:

“Brickyard Creek is a residential environmental community on the shore of Lake Superior dedicated to active stewardship and tranquility. BYC is dedicated to lake, land, learning, lifestyle, leadership, and legacy.”

The “L” alliteration expanded the idea of who we are and what we can be. Highlighting our community values brought about an evolution that created meaning, initiated action,  and outlined the manager position and goals.

They are:

  • Maintain Brickyard Creek’s infrastructure and grounds with total vision and a keen understanding of aesthetic.
  • Establish and sustain a day-to-day operation plan to assure member well-being and protect their investment
  • Connect with the greater community to preserve Brickyard Creek’s long-term viability

I believe more than ever that we are establishing a community model that is unique, purposeful and remarkable. Together we are becoming a leader and building a legacy.  I am honored to be of service to the Brickyard Creek Community. And I am grateful that Sydney is still walking those trails today.

Jeffery Garrett, Brickyard Creek Manager
Phone – 715-781-3958
Email – Jeffery.BYC@gmail.com