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The following rental policy and occupancy limits were last revised May 2021.

Rental Policy Resolution

Whereas Brickyard Creek is a residential environmental community on the shores of Lake Superior dedicated to active stewardship and tranquility;

Whereas renting in Brickyard Creek is recognized as a positive and constructive community feature, supporting the ability of association members to afford the expense of buying and owning a cabin, to efficiently utilize cabins when they are vacant and to allow visitors to experience and discover Brickyard Creek as a vacation resource and potential home;

Whereas The Brickyard Creek Association has a legal authority and delegated responsibility to ensure that rental rights and expectations are balanced with those of the majority residential and environmental community members who do not rent their cabins as a whole;

Whereas rental visitors to Brickyard Creek represent a certain impact on community and common resources, including those involving traffic, roads, wells, trails, beaches and peace and sometimes result in occasional violations of rules. (This includes service vehicles related to septic, housekeeping management and numbers of visitors per cabin rental);

Whereas day-to-day rental management of cabins requires direct oversight and the capacity for an immediate response to visitor needs, emergencies and violations. Local professional rental management agencies are best able to provide this service. Cabin owners who rent their cabins working through their agencies are fundamentally responsible for ensuring this service, freeing residential neighbors and the Association manager from monitoring, reporting and enforcing expectations and visitor needs;

Whereas appropriately set occupancy limits benefit both the community as a whole and individual units in rental; and,

Whereas an increasing number of year-round and summer-long residents reside at Brickyard Creek thus becoming a necessary factor in balancing rental policy and residential imperatives.

Therefore, be it Resolved by the Brickyard Creek Association Board of Directors:

All BYC Units that are in rental shall have a Brickyard Creek Board of Directors’-approved, local professional rental management agent under contract. A local professional management rental agent, such as Windseeker, should be identified prior to the unit being made available for rent. The use of Airbnb, Vacation Rental by Owner or similar on-line rental brokers will be permitted only as marketing and booking resources utilized by board-approved rental management agents or by owners who can demonstrate a current capacity and a documented history of providing a rental management strategy that meets the standards of a professional agency.

In the case where an Owner desires to oversee their property, via use of AirBnB or VRBO, we ask that they can demonstrate a significant history of a comprehensive rental management strategy. As with any local management rental agency, these individual owner agreements, if approved, will be reviewed annually.

We consider the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated experience with a minimum of 5 years managing home rental online booking systems (i.e., AirBnB, VRBO).
  • Demonstrated positive results managing online booking through online booking systems such as Superhost or positive guest feedback.
  • Demonstration of comprehensive Booking Requirements and Systems.
  • Examples of multiple communications of occupancy limits and policies sent prior to taking a reservation, prior to arrival and on the day of arrival.
  • Approved Check-In procedures ensuring complete guest education on BYC philosophy, policies and expectations. If not completing an in-person check-in, provide demonstrated ability to ensure guests are fully aware of policies and have question/problem contact information.
  • Examples of onsite materials provided to reinforce the BYC experience (i.e., trails) along with policies and expectations.
  • Demonstrated problem solving strategies.
  • Identification of support staff addressing housekeeping and maintenance.
  • Identification of key contact person within a 10-mile radius of the property.

Once approved by the Board, a rental management company will be expected to enter into a written contract with the Brickyard Creek Association that clearly delineates the minimum level of services to be provided to owners who rent and their responsibilities to the Brickyard Creek community at large. This contract supersedes the one between the rental management company and the rental cottage owner and will be reviewed annually by the Rental Management Group subcommittee of the Board. 

The local professional management agent must be doing business with in 10-mile radius of Brickyard Creek. The agent is responsible for providing check-in of clients. Face-to-face check-in is the preferred method; if alternative check-in procedures are developed, the management agency must demonstrate thorough communications that ensure guests are aware of both owner and community policies and expectations. The management agency is responsible for day-to-day oversight of the unit in rental, including the ability to respond in a timely manner to the needs of the client/owner, renter, and resident neighbor.

The name and telephone number(s) of the current local agent and the owners whose units they represent shall be included in the owner directory on the BYC website along with instructions to call the designated local agent for issues or concerns involving a specific rental unit or their associated visitors. Failure of the local rental agent to respond in a timely or satisfactory manner should be reported to the Board of Directors.

Occupancy limits for each unit shall conform to Wisconsin State Statutes and the Bayfield County Department of Health Requirements. The occupancy limits will also be based on the size and floor plan of each rental unit.

A minimum two-night stay will be required for all rental units. Rental agents will be instructed that under no circumstances should less than two-night stays be booked.

The BYC Rental Rules shall be prominently displayed in all rental units. A copy of the rental rules should be sent to a renter when they book the unit and a copy must be provided when they register.

The short form of the BYC Rental Rules must be signed by all renters. A copy must be retained by the renter and the rental agency for the unit in rental.

All rental units must carry a minimum of one million dollars of liability insurance. This must be on file within the BYC Board no later than July 1st annually.


Updated 2021-05-10

Occupancy Limits
  • Aspen – studio, one bath – 2 people
  • Taiga – one bedroom, one bath – 3 people
  • Woodland – two bedrooms, two baths – 5 people
  • Meadow – two bedrooms, two baths – 5 people
  • Expanded Meadow – four bedrooms, two baths – 8 people
  • Creekside A – three bedrooms, three baths – 7 people
  • Creekside B – two bedrooms, two baths – 5 people
Annual Rental Review Form
EFFECTIVE January 2020 - Town of Bayfield Short-Term Rental Ordinance

The following ordinance will go into effect in January of 2020. Please plan ahead for this change:

Town of Bayfield Short-Term Rental Ordinance 

Rental Resources

The Brickyard Rental Overview Group is constantly at work searching for ways to ingratiate renters and still maintain the tranquil natural escape our community adores. These documents are welcoming and ensure our community values and expectations are clear and easy for guests to understand.

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