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Boreal Forest

Frequent Questions


Q: What do I need to do if I want to make a change to the exterior of my cottage or lake home?

A: All modifications outside of a cottage or lake home require approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).


Q: Can I add an addition to my cottage or lake home?

A: The ACC determines approval for additions on a case by case basis. Criteria examined by the committee includes drainage patterns, impact to trees and vegetation, aesthetic, proposed materials, and architectural style.


Q: Can I build a build a garage or shed?

A: The ACC determines approval for the addition of a garage or shed on a case by case basis. Not all cottage lots can accommodate an additional structure. Criteria examined by the committee includes drainage patterns, impact to trees and vegetation, aesthetic, proposed materials, and architectural style.



Q: What can I recycle?
A: The recycling dumpster in BYC permits aluminum cans, steel (tin) cans, flattened cardboard boxes, magazines, newspaper, paper bags, empty dairy and juice cartons, “junk mail,” glass bottles, and plastic containers. Please place recycling directly in the dumpster or use a paper bag. Plastic bags are not allowed because they can become tangled in machinery. Do not include food waste, plastic bags, or polystyrene foam.


Q: May I put construction debris or insulation in trash dumpster?
A: No, the trash dumpster in BYC is for common household trash. If you are having construction work done on your cottage or lake home, it is your responsibility to assure your contractor has a plan to remove construction debris from the site.

Q: Where do I dispose of old electronics, appliances, or mattresses?
A: Brickyard Creek is fortunate to have a garbage and recycling center just a few miles away in the Town of Russell.



Wells/Holding Tanks

Q: There is no water coming out of my tap. What do I do?
A: The Brickyard Creek Associations maintain cottage wells.


  • If you do not have water, please call Jeffery Garrett at 715-781-3958 for assistance.

Q: What do I have to know about my holding tank?
A: Holding tanks in Brickyard Creek hold 2000 gallons.


  • An alarm will trigger inside the cottage when the tank is getting close to full.  
  • The alarm is positioned to go off with enough room for a few hundred more gallons to give the septic company several days (with normal use) to pump out the tank.
  • Pump outs are not allowed weekends.
  • In the winter, please provide a path and shovel off the top of the holding tank for the septic vendor.
  • Tank pumping service options can be found on our Vendors and Services page under Septic/Holding Tank Pumping.

Q: Who is responsible for the maintenance of holding tanks?
A: Holding tanks and waste laterals are considered an appendage of the cottage or lake home. Therefore, holding tank maintenance and repair is the sole responsibility of the individual owner.


Winterizing Your Cottage

Q: How do I winterize my cottage?
A: For general information about how to prepare your cottage for the winter, please refer to Seasonal Cottage Checklists found in Community Resources.
If you are closing your cottage entirely or using it sparingly, it is recommended that you make arrangements with a home service provider.


  • Find a list of contractors familiar with Brickyard Creek cottages on the Vendors and Services page under Home Service Providers.


Plants & Trees

Q: How do I know which plants around my cottage or lake home are native or invasive?
A: Mother Nature is Brickyard Creek’s number one amenity, and proper maintenance of the surrounding boreal forest is key towards the specialness of the community, our well-being, and ultimately property values.


Q: How are the trees around my cottage managed?
A: Brickyard Creek is a special community where cottages are built to be of the land and blend into the forest. Therefore, tree maintenance is critical to the overall community vision.


  • Jeffery Garrett works closely with a professional arborist and the Forest & Watershed Committee to routinely monitor the trees around each cottage and driveway. Unhealthy trees are removed. Please contact Jeff if you have questions or concern regarding a particular tree.

Q: May I plant flowers or vegetables?
A: Non-native flowers, herbs, or vegetables can be planted in pots, but not directly in the ground around your cottage.