Around The Yard – December 2017

Snow covered Brickyard Creek bridge
1. LET’S BE IN TOUCH: At the October meeting, the Board of Directors noted that over the past four years the BYC Community has twenty-three new owners. That is one-third of our membership! We have also seen an increase in the number of year-round and full-time summer residents. These changes in addition to the Park Service lease, improvements to the marina and related infrastructure, and a definite uptick in sales (only two cottages are currently on the market) means we are on solid ground and looking forward with optimism.

We find ourselves both changing and maturing as a community. It is essential for the Board to make sure we are known, available, and actively communicating with all members of the association. Particularly those of you who are relatively new owners. The ability to share issues, answer questions, and discuss concerns are key to the Board’s responsibilities.

Don’t be surprised if a member reaches out to talk to you about Brickyard Creek. Also, please feel free to contact the Board of Directors or an individual member at anytime. Email addresses and phone numbers can be found on the community website in the owner directory under the resource tab. Current Board members include Lin Bick, Kay Biga (Treasurer), Doug Cybela, John Daly, Jeff Garrett, Dale Klubertanz, Ron Mathew, Peter Tropman (President) Brad Wiersum (Vice President).

2. COMMUNITY WEBSITE: The Brickyard Creek website has served as an electronic version of our handbook for our community for years. However, the changing dynamic of Brickyard Creek and our growing relevance within the greater community has made it evident that an updated website is critical to our continued momentum and needs.

To this end, a “tech team” has been formed to develop a structure that promotes engagement, advances our purpose, and strengthens our brand. Many thanks to community members Zina Harrington and Tony Jeannette for giving their time and professional expertise to this critical endeavor. Also, to our technology strategist, Rick Gierczic, for his insights and the excitement he brings to the project.

What would you like to see on your community website? We are redesigning to meet many identified opportunities, but the primary purpose is to create a site you will find consistently useful. Please contact Jeffery Garrett with any thoughts regarding content or structure. Together we can make an activity-driven, interactive site that provides pertinent information for the benefit of owners, volunteers, and prospective community members alike.

3. BEACH DREAMS: The gales of October (the 24th to be exact) took a big bite out of the bank above the north side of the beach and uprooted trees at the shoreline. Additionally, the newly installed bench has gone missing. The storm surges also significantly altered the primary beach area. Please check out the videos posted on the Brickyard Community on Lake Superior Facebook page if you have not already done so.

The high lake level and the potential for more damaging winter northeasterly winds prompted quick action to shore up the shoreline by grading the bank and installing a rock barrier that preserved the kayak launching area. Rocky Tribovich completed the work in early November. The BYC Associations, the Marina Association, and Bob Davidson equally shared the cost of the project.

Next summer the beach area will be graded and restored as part of the marina improvement project. Plans also include moving and expanding the kayak rack, installing a new campfire area, and building a firewood rack. Of course, the area is a natural gathering place and we hope to enhance the space for all to enjoy.

4. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE AND ROY’S POINT MARINA IMPROVEMENT PROJECT: The National Park Service project has been moving at a steady pace since confirmation of the lease extension. The expanded ware-yard located south of Roy’s Point Boulevard (behind the berm) has been graded and newly fenced for boat storage. This includes the construction of a sizeable metal-sided structure to provide protection from the elements. Plans to screen this area will be completed in the Spring with the addition of fabric to some of the fencing and modest landscaping along the north facing perimeter. Also, when weather permits, the exterior of the current NPS building will be repainted to an aesthetically pleasing color scheme.

Reconstruction of the marina’s south and north break-walls has started. Black Pearl Construction’s large barge is on site, and other heavy equipment will be arriving soon. Work on the south break-wall (the NPS side of the Marina) has begun and will continue until lake ice makes further action prohibitive. The north break-wall reconstruction will begin after the south break wall is completed next Spring.

The staging area for this construction will utilize a portion of the beach and will require the creation of an access road from the parking lot parallel to the bulkhead decking. It is likely that we will have to cope with some compromised beach access this summer. Dave Culberson is working with the contractor to preserve access to as much of the beach as possible during this time. Once completed the sand will be graded to restore the beach and the section of seagrass will be replanted. In the end, we should have an improved beach and a solid marina. All good news!

On the horizon are decisions regarding the resurfacing of Roy’s Point Boulevard and the marina/beach parking area. These will be shared projects involving the Roy’s Point Limited Partners (Bob Davidson) and Roy’s Point Marina. The Board is currently exploring alternative approaches, expense, and cost-sharing plans in conjunction with RPM and Davidson/Culberson.

May you have a fantastic holiday season!

Best Regards,

Peter Tropman
BYC Board President

Jeffery Garrett
BYC Manager