New Bench Honoring Sydney

Hello from the ‘Creek! 
I often say, as Diane and others can attest, that there might not be a more talented community in the world. The claim might sound grandiose, but besides impressive professional resumes throughout our membership, there are many artists, authors, dancers, musicians, jewelry makers, painters, photographers, poets, videographers, weavers, web designers, and a growing list of skillful woodworkers. 
Jeff sitting on Syds Bench by Lake Superior
Case in point, while Wally was constructing our new entry signs, Steve Sandstrom was busy crafting solid, exceptionally well-built Aldo Leopold-style benches for our beach! This remarkable gift was unveiled and presented at our Labor Day Gathering and already proving to be a significant asset to our community. I see they are already well used by people reading, enjoying a conversation, or just relaxing and taking in the awe-inspiring view. There is something special about sitting next to the lake, and these new benches are a comfortable and superior way to do it. 
Diane and I are incredibly honored and deeply moved that a bench is dedicated to the Brickyard Creek Foreman, Syd, who sadly passed in July. This was her eighteenth summer at BYC, and when she wasn’t busy making sure I was working hard and everything was in order, she played countless hours of fetch at the beach with her family and so many of her dear friends. Each time I am lakeside, I think of them, both past and present, and the list would fill a page. 
So, on behalf of the entire Brickyard Creek Community, I thank you, Steve! Your thoughtfulness, time, and talent in constructing the perfect benches for all to enjoy are greatly appreciated! 
See you at the beach!! 
Thank you, 
Jeffery A. Garrett 
Director, Brickyard Creek 
“An environmental community on the shore of Lake Superior.” 
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