Meet Linda & John Daly

Linda & John Daly

Welcome to Brickyard Creek. Where homes are not on the land, but of the land. – Brickyard Creek Brochure

Since July 2002, when Linda and I moved into our northern Wisconsin retreat at Brickyard Creek, we have celebrated “ownership” of a small piece of this unique environment. It is our second home; a location that invites reflection and renewal.

Soon after arrival, we posted two signs. Sleepwalk – a name for the cabin that immediately seemed appropriate for this escape and …Breathe – a reminder of its purpose as a safe place for all family and friends to enjoy.

We realize we have responsibilities as stewards of this environment. We enjoy our right to collectively be an owner and at the same time we struggle with the responsibility of ownership. We are wary that our presence here and our lack of knowledge could harm this special place.

Each time we walk along the trails, stroll the beach/marina or kayak into Buffalo Bay, we are reminded of the motto from our camping days – “leave no trace”. All of us at Brickyard Creek find ourselves committed to maintaining the beauty of this area along the southwest shoreline of Lake Gitche Gummee (Lake Superior). Yet, we worry in private about the effects of the development, the inevitable change to the ecosystem and our very presence in an environment that has lain dormant for generations. We look around and marvel at the beauty of this boreal forest, the shoreline and the numerous creatures that freely roam and share this land.

On our all-too-infrequent hikes and strolls of BYC, we stop at various Listening Points along the trails to appreciate the trees, the bushes and the wildflowers. As part of our legacy, Linda and I vow to leave this place unharmed, to keep it the way it is and to do all we can to enhance the land that invites reflection and renewal.

Linda and John Daly

Brickyard Creek I, #28

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