Let’s Go Waterfalling!

Looking for a little in-land adventure? Check out this list of three unique waterfalls around Bayfield County.

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While the power of Lake Superior continues to call us to Bayfield, the Boreal Forest and the Great Lake tributaries continue to urge us toward inland adventure.

As a collective of environmentalists, Brickyard Creek Community believes that “the Great Lakes and its tributary waters are a commons, to be shared, protected, and carefully managed.”

The Great Lakes and its tributary waters are commons, to be shared, protected and carefully managed and enjoyed by all who live around them. - Maude Barlow

We also agree that they are to be enjoyed by all who live around them and visit the Apostle Islands Lakeshore!

3 Unique Waterfalls Around Bayfield County

Here are three unique waterfalls around Bayfield County you must see when you’re at Brickyard Creek.

1. Houghton Falls State Nature Preserve

Houghton Falls State Nature Preserve, just north of Washburn, includes charming cascades that run through a sandstone gorge along the shore of Lake Superior. The gorge is shaded by the forest while the stream flows over rocks into a beautiful cove with clear water and a sandy bottom.

Follow the trail down to the coast of Lake Superior to enjoy a view of Chequamegon Bay or hike upstream to a series of cliffs, caves, and waterfalls called Echo Dells. The cathedral-like acoustics make the spot true to its name! It is a wonderful adventure for environmentalists of all ages.

Houghton Falls images Houghton Falls is a favorite day-trip for two of our youngest Brickyardians.

The picturesque waterfalls, brownstone ledges, and hemlock in Houghton Falls State Nature Preserve continue to inspire members of our community. The summer of 2018, the Brickyard Creek donated funds toward a new trailhead for the nature preserve. You can also find community members volunteering time on trail maintenance!

Workday images from Houghton Falls


Houghton Falls are located just north of Washburn. Take Highway 13, then east on Houghton Falls Road 0.5 miles to the trailhead and parking area south of the road.

LOCATION: 46.693195N 90.85780W


2. Siskiwit Falls

Want to experience a local favorite? It’s said that Siskiwit Falls has been a favorite place to play for generations. You can hike up the falls or even slide down the cascades — with falls at 2-, 5-, and 10-feet it is a beautiful opportunity to adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

Learn more and see additional photos at Great Lake Waterfalls.


TravelWisconsin.com explains, “Siskiwit Falls is located on the Siskiwit River in Cornucopia. There are a few different drops and slides along the river that can be easily explored. To access the falls (from Bayfield), follow Highway 13 to County Rd C, and take a left on Siskiwit Falls Road. There is a bridge shortly after the turn onto this road where you can access the river. Park alongside the road and explore upstream and downstream from the bridge for small drops and slides. Be aware that the upstream side, at parts, flows through private property (it will be clearly marked).”

No parking is allowed on, or directly adjacent to, the bridge near the trailhead, so expect to park further down. Bayfield County purchased about 100 acres of land on the north side of the bridge on Siskiwit Falls Road, but heads-up, the land south of the road is privately owned and is not open to public use. (source)

LOCATION: 46.8554N 91.0928W
22475 State Highway 13 – Cornucopia, WI 54827


3. Lost Creek Falls

If you’re ready for an adventure, you’ll want to add hiking to Lost Creek Falls to your plans. The falls are remote, located in the woods outside of Cornucopia, consists of multiple cascades including an 8-foot plunge. If you’re daring, you can even walk behind the falls — but as always, use caution and your own judgment.

To access this local treasure, you’ll take a 1.5-mile gravel ATV trail through the woods and over a couple of bridges.

Photographer Chelsey Lewis, explains, “After seeing dozens of waterfalls in my travels over the summer, including the state’s largest at a stunning 165 feet, this little waterfall was one of my favorites for its seclusion and simple beauty. The creek might be Lost, but it was paradise found.”


GreatLakeDrive.com explains, “To reach the falls – Lost Creek Falls on Lost Creek No 1 (15 feet) Remote. Take Hwy 13 west from Cornucopia about a mile and turn south on Klemik Rd. Travel about 3/4 mile to the ATV/snowmobile trail crossing, park off to the side of the yellow gate and hike east on the ATV trail for 15-20 minutes, cross Lost Creek No 2 at the old bridge (creeks are NOT marked with names), continue on another 10 minutes to Lost Creek No 1. Either follow the sandstone bank upstream (more difficult) or stay on the trail, through a couple of curves and up a hill, watch for a footpath into the woods and to the falls.”

See more photos and info about Lost Creek Falls on GreatLakeDrive.com here!

LOCATION: 46.834185N 91.12056W

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