Brickyard Creek Handbook



The Brickyard Creek Community Handbook has been prepared by The Vision Committee to provide BYC Residents and or guests with a comprehensive guide to life and living here at Brickyard Creek. Contained in the handbook are foundational documents describing the vision for, and the values of, our community, the expectations that we share about what it means to be a member or guest of our community, our structure of governance and leadership, responsibilities of our Resident Manager and The Association to owners, important policies, a directory of services, descriptions of our community partners, and material depicting and describing life, living, learning, and fun at Brickyard Creek. This is a living document. Updates will be provided at the annual meeting and will be available for downloading and printing on the BYC Community website.

The Vision Committee

The Vision Committee welcomes your comments, suggestions, thoughts, and questions. Please feel free to contact any Vision Committee Member.

Vision Committee members are:

  • Kay Biga
  • John Daly
  • Bob Davidson
  • Jeffery Garrett
  • Daniel Hanson
  • Dale Klubertanz
  • Peter Tropman