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Our Structure

The Associations

The Brickyard Creek Community consists of: Roy’s Point Shores Lakeshore Lots (9 home sites); Brickyard Creek I (47 cottages); Brickyard Creek II (28 cottages); Brickyard Creek III Lakeshore Lots (5 home sites) ; Brickyard Creek III (13 cottages); Roy’s Point Boulevard, Brickyard Creek (Class II Trout Stream); Interior Roads, Secondary Roads, Bridge, and Nature Trails; the Common Property (Woods, Meadow, etc.); Roy’s Point Marina, Lake Superior Beach and Picnic Area, and The National Park Service Facility and Dockage.

There exists three Brickyard Creek Condominium Associations. These three Associations own and are responsible for maintaining and repairing the Common Properties, including interior roads, driveways, meadows, ponds, wells and of course, the forests that surround the Brickyard Creek cottages. The Associations have the power to assess members to fund such activities. The Associations also are responsible for governing the affairs of the Brickyard Creek Condominium Community.

In addition to the Three Condominium Associations there exists an Umbrella Association. The purpose of the Umbrella Association is to own, operate, maintain and repair off-site facilities and amenities, including but not limited to Roys Point Blvd, the Brickyard Creek bridge, nature trails, Roys Point beach and gazebo areas. Owners of Brickyard Creek cottages and Brickyard lakeshore lots are automatically members of the Umbrella Association. The Association also has the power to assess its members to fund activities.

For purposes of governing the Brickyard Creek Community, the four Associations operate as one entity, meeting as a common Board of Directors, developing and managing a common assessment scheme, budget and holding common annual board of directors and membership meetings. In addition to the above referenced ability to assess their members, the combined Associations are responsible for promulgating and administering rules and regulations for their respective properties consistent with the Brickyard Creek Community’s goal of protecting and preserving our rustic, natural setting.

Responsibilities of the Associations

To the cottage owner:

  • Maintenance of infrastructure including roads, culverts, and driveways
  • Maintenance of hiking trails
  • Maintenance of entry area Hazardous trees
  • Maintenance of faulty well pump or well line
  • Well shocking if tested unsafe
  • Snowplowing roads and driveways

To the lakeshore owner:

  • Maintenance of roads
  • Maintenance of hiking trails
  • Maintenance of entry area
  • Snowplowing roads and driveways
The Boards
Currently the Board of Directors is composed of the following members:

President – Peter Tropman
Vice President – Brad Wiersum
Treasurer – Kay Biga
Director – Jeffery Garrett
Director – Doug Cybela
Director – Lin Bick
Director – Dale Klubertanz

The Committees

Committees are an integral part of our structure here at Brickyard Creek. Committee participation is a great way to get involved and help make a difference. Below are descriptions of our current committees.

  • Finance Committee
  • Vision Committee
  • Forest and Watershed Committee
  • Architectural Control Committees

See the Our Committees page for more a more detailed description of each committee.

See the Community News page for the latest committee updates.

Contact our BYC Manager, Jeff Garrett if you are interested in volunteering.