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At Brickyard Creek we have a tradition of being an engaged partner with the greater Bayfield Community. We do this through formal partnerships between BYC and selected organizations. Informal partnerships also exist due to personal interest and volunteerism in organizations with which we share common goals for the Bayfield Community.

Apostle Islands Area Community Fund

Created in 2000, the Apostle Islands Area Community Fund (AIACF) supports area nonprofits through annual grant-making and provides individuals who love their community a way to give back. Currently, BYC neighbors Joan Cybela and Chere Gibson serve on the Board of Directors and in the past neighbor John Cory has served as Chairman of the Funds Board. Many BYC residents are regular contributors. For more information about the AIACF contact Joan, Chere or John, or visit the AIACF online at:

Apostle Islands Area Community Fund

CORE Community Resources
CORE Community Resources’ mission is to help seniors, defined as over age 55, stay independent, active, and valued members of their community. Services are offered free of charge and include community liaison aid, health & wellness programs, and Superior Life Long Learning activities. Participates have enjoyed educational nature walks throughout the Brickyard Creek Boreal Forest with community naturalist Erica Peterson.
Friends of the Apostle Islands

Friends of the Apostle Islands are a diverse group of sailors, kayakers, boaters, divers, lighthouse lovers, hikers, fishermen, beach-combers, wildlife watchers, and many others, who share a love for these 21 islands and the 12 mile section of mainland that make up the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore of Wisconsin’s Lake Superior shore.

We invite you to join us, and be a voice for these Islands.

Our Mission is to promote an appreciation for, and preservation of, the natural environment and cultural heritage of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.
Our Efforts connect people with the history, beauty, and adventure of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore; support the educational, recreational, and resource protection efforts of the National Park Service; raise funds to support park projects and events, and increase community involvement with the Islands.

Friends of the Apostle Islands

Landmark Conservancy

Landmark Conservancy was born of a merger between two nationally-accredited land trusts: West Wisconsin Land Trust and Bayfield Regional Conservancy.

Landmark works with citizens, local government, private landowners, tribes and state and federal agencies to protect important habitats on Lake Superior, north woods forests, inland lakes, rivers, wetlands, and farmland.
A healthy environment is vital to healthy communities and nature inspires us and nourishes our soul.

Close to home, Landmark has been the moving force behind the creation of the Houghton Falls site, and an active partner with the Red Cliff Tribe on the development of the Frog Bay Tribal Park.

Learn more: Landmark Conservancy


Red Cliff Police Department

The Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa is our closest neighbor. The Tribal Council has given permission to their police department to drive through Brickyard Creek property at our request. BYC is very fortunate to have this courtesy provided on our behalf. The Board now meets regularly with the Chief of the Red Cliff Police Department.

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute

The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute (SOEI) is an outreach division of Northland College founded in 1972 and named after its famous alumnus, writer/wilderness advocate Sigurd F. Olson. SOEI has a mission to increase public understanding of the relationships between natural and cultural environments in the Lake Superior region and, along with college faculty, students and other partners, develop solutions to environmental challenges facing the North Country.

SOEI exists to serve the conservation needs of the region, to protect and preserve world-class resources that make the Lake Superior region wild and beautiful and unique. Further, their aim is to ensure that the next generations of conservationists have the skills they need to be effective.

Our partnership is mutually beneficial and strongly supports the BYC identity and vision. As home to an important boreal forest and creek on the shores of Lake Superior, BYC provides a real world experience for students and faculty while their expertise aids in the preservation, protection, and restoration of our surroundings.

Learn more: Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute 

Superior Rivers Watershed Association

Superior Rivers Watershed Association engages with citizens as a community and helps to develop the ties between individuals and the broader watershed system they depend on. Their high-level training, support, and coordination provides volunteers the ability to assess, maintain and improve watershed integrity for future generations.

Forest & Watershed Committee members Dan Wilczek and Steve Sandstrom are currently monitoring Brickyard Creek. If you would like to help with creek testing, please contact Community Manager, Jeffery Garrett. Read about this ongoing effort.

Learn more: Superior Rivers Watershed Association

Unbridled Hope

Unbridled Hope (UHEAL) is a program working with many Red Cliff youth to foster learning, development and healing through equestrian husbandry and horsemanship.

Unbridled Hope (UHEAL) is situated on 120 acres with 45 acres fenced in. Within the 45 acres, 15 acres are wooded. There is a man made pond in the pasture area created by my husband as a bird sanctuary. We believe that the “all natural” setting is perfect not only for the horses but for everyone to enjoy.
Unbridled Hope services include:

  • Read and Ride: An after school program focuses on kids that need a little extra help in reading and spelling. It is also beneficial for those that may need help with interpersonal skills or that may have autism. The outdoor learning environment is a perfect setting.
  • Art Therapy: Kids can actually paint on the horse. A sensory garden has been developed where young and old alike can come, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. I look forward to sharing Unbridled Hope and what I have learned, with everyone. It’s all about the horse and the human relationship.
  • Therapeutic Riding: Children on the autism spectrum, ADHD, and many other physical and mental handicaps can learn to communicate verbally and physically with their horse. They learn to focus on something outside themselves.

For more information, visit them on the web at Unbridledhope.net.

Wilderness Inquiry

Wilderness Inquiry’s (WI) mission is to connect people from all walks of life to the natural world through outdoor adventures. Through the medium of adventure travel, WI seeks to inspire personal growth, enhanced awareness of the environment, and community integration. WI adventures encourage people to open themselves to new possibilities and opportunities. In addition, WI conducts a number of specific programs designed to share the benefits of nature with youth, family, and people with disabilities.

Learn more: Wilderness Inquiry – Wisconsin