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Common Expectations

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About Our Common Expectations/Rules and Regulations

The Common Expectations/Rules and Regulations are the current regulations and expectations that have been adopted by the Board of Directors* for all cottage and homeowners, renters, and guests. They encompass all rules laid out in Declarations for our condominium community as well as other policies formally adopted by the board. Originally adopted in 2005 they have been continuously reviewed and updated by The Board of Directors. It is the responsibility of each owner to understand and live in compliance with these expectations and rules in a manner consistent with our agreed-upon values.

* As part of Board’s rule making authority in the Declaration (Article VII, Section I (c) – Compliance) and the Bylaws (Article IV, section 3 (k) – Enforcement of the Associations.

These Common Expectations/Rules and Regulations apply to Roy’s Point Boulevard, Brickyard Creek Road, and all other roads, cottages and home sites, and grounds of Brickyard Creek. The Roy’s Point Marina is governed by separate rules and regulations.

The greater Brickyard Creek Community consists of several interrelated entities including the Brickyard Creek Community Association, Roy’s Point Shores Lake Shore Lots, Brickyard Creek III Lake Shore Lots, an Umbrella Association, Architectural Control Committee, and the ordinances of the County of Bayfield and towns of Bayfield and Russell. The interpretation and enforcement of these Common Expectations/Rules and Regulations is the responsibility of the Brickyard Creek Community Association or the Brickyard Creek Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The Associations have the authority to enforce these Common Expectations/Rules and Regulations according to policies of the Associations and all applicable laws. Any incidents of non-compliance should be reported to the Brickyard Creek Director.

If you have questions or identify issues of compliance, please contact:

Jeffery Garrett, Brickyard Creek Director
Phone – 715-781-3958
Email – Jeffery.BYC@gmail.com

General Rules

  • As stated in the Condominium Declaration “All Owners, Occupants, and their entrants shall us the Condominium in such a manner as will not unduly restrict, interfere with or impede the use thereof by other Owners and Occupants”. [Article XVIII,1(a)]
  • It is the responsibility of each owner to share these Common Expectations, Rules and Regulations with their personal guests and/or rental guests.
Violation Resolution Processes

Common Expectations, Rules and Regulations provide owners, guest, and renters with the ground rules for life at Brickyard. Based on framework laid out by the developer in the Condominium Declarations, the Brickyard Creek Community Identity and Vision Statements the expectations and rules intended are intended to assist cottage and homeowners, renters and guests to live in harmony with each other and preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the Brickyard Creek area. Cottage owners, homeowners, renters, and guests are expected to know, understand and observe these Common Expectations/Rules and Regulations.

Assuring compliance with the Common Expectations, Rules and Regulations is the responsibility of the Brickyard Creek Association(s) Board of Directors (and its delegated Committees) or the Brickyard Creek Architectural Control Committee (ACC). This responsibility and authority is laid out in the condominium declarations*.

Assuring compliance is both an art and a science – best achieve by communication and respectful problem solving.  Understanding that, despite our best efforts and intentions, issues of non-compliance will arise the Board of Directors’ has established following pathway or protocol to find resolution and assure compliance.

Process documents for:

As part of Board’s rule making authority in the Declaration (Article VII, Section I (c) – Compliance) and the Bylaws (Article IV, section 3 (k) – Enforcement of the Associations.

The Rules and Regulations

Exterior Lighting
  • Exterior lighting, including motion detector security lighting, may not be attached to any cottage, homes or adjacent parking areas or grounds without the approval of the Architectural Control Committee. (Sensitivity to neighboring cottages, wildlife and forest aesthetics will inform the Architectural Control Committee ACC’s review.)
  • Exterior string lights are not allowed to illuminate pathways, hang on trees, or light front porches.
  • The modest use of solar lights for safety along the cottage pathway is allowed.
  • Owners are to be sensitive in natural character of the forest by avoiding showy light displays and brightly lit-up entrances.
Exterior Items
  • Telephone, cable TV and internet connections to each cottage or home should be provided by underground cable.
  • By law, owners of cottages in BYC have the right to attach an antenna or satellite dish to the exterior of their cottages but only with prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The ACC has the legal authority to require that the size and location of the device does not compromise the architectural integrity of the cottage.
  • Satellite dishes may not be placed on the common grounds adjacent to any cottage.
  • Trimming, pruning, or removal of trees to improve the reception of antennas or satellite dishes on the adjacent common grounds is not permitted.
  • Window air conditioners are not allowed in Brickyard Creek. Ductless split system air conditioners are allowed but the location of the exterior unit must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
  • Placement yard furniture and décor (e.g., picnic tables, patio sets, tree attached or free-standing hammocks) in the common area around and outside of cottage is not permitted without the approval of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and/or the Forrest and Watershed Committee.
Exterior Modifications
  • Any exterior modifications to cottages, homes or adjacent parking areas must be reviewed and approved the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
  • When making approved modifications, owners are to obtain all necessary building and use permits.
  • Changes to roof or external stain/paint colors must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Repainting or staining with the same colors needs no approval.
  • All parking areas shall be graveled only with materials approved by the Associations.
  • Woodchips are to be used for walkways to the cottage unless other materials are approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
Fires and Chimney Safety
  • All activities that may create a fire hazard are strictly prohibited in Brickyard Creek.
  • Open fires in fire pits, external fireplaces, chimenea, and similar equipment are prohibited.
  • Charcoal grills on enclosed porches are prohibited.
  • Charcoal grills at rental cottages are prohibited.
  • Rental cottages with wood burning fireplaces must provide an ember box.
  • All cottages shall maintain all fireplaces (both wood burning and gas) in safe, good working order, having inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Fireplaces in rental units may be subject to additional requirements as approved by the board and outlined in the BYC rental policy.
  • Firecrackers, sparklers, or any type of fireworks are prohibited.
  • Owners of rental units are required to provide the Association with proof of $1,000,000 in liability coverage annually.
Feeding Wildlife
  • Providing food for wildlife is discouraged because of risks to animals, humans, our cottages, and or forest ecosystem.
  • Bird feeders should be placed away from the cottage but not so far as to intrude into common ground.
  • Use of salt licks and the provision of food for deer is not permitted in Brickyard.
  • Automobiles, pick-up trucks, and SUV’s may be parked by cottage owners, homeowners, renters and guests only in the parking areas set aside for their cottages and homes.
  • Parking is limited two vehicles at rental cottages. Overflow parking is available for rental at Roy’s Point Marina.
  • Trucks (other than pick-up trucks) may not be parked in cottage or lake home parking areas except for construction and delivery purposes.
  • Long term day and overnight parking is not permitted on roadways.
Pets - General Rules and Shared Picnic/Beach Rules

General Rules:

  • Domestic pets, such as dogs and cats, may be kept by owners or guests provided the pets are up to date on vaccinations.
  • Pets are not permitted in rental units.
  • Pets must be placed inside the enclosed cottage* when owners are absent and my not be chained left unattended outside of the home or cottage.
  • All pets must be leashed or under owner’s control at all times.
  • Owners shall clean up pet waste left in pedestrian areas such as trail, roadways, lawns by the gazebo, and the beach area.
  • Continually howling or barking dogs are not permitted.
  • Kennels, dog houses, and fenced or cabled dog runs are not permitted.
  • Commercial uses of animals (e.g., breeding and sales) is not permitted.

* Screen porches are NOT a part of the enclosed cottage.


Dog Policy in the Shared Picnic and Beach Area

  • All dogs must be actively engaged with the owner or leashed at all times.
  • All dogs must be under control of the owner or owner designee at all times.
  • Be respectful of others right to use the picnic and beach area without their personal space or property disrupted.
  • Ensuring that your dog does not violate the activities of others may require moving to another location in the area or leaving if necessary.
  • Owners will minimize nuisances such as continuous barking.
  • Owners must pick-up and remove all dog waste.
  • Owners are subject to the penalties and protocol for violation of Brickyard Creek Common Expectations.
  • Enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Anyone observing a dog policy violation is requested to write a detailed account of the incident to the BYC Manager.
Quiet Hours
  • Cottage owners, home owners, renters and guests shall observe quiet hours from 10pm to 8am daily and shall not engage in activities during these hours that would disturb the peace and tranquility of Brickyard Creek.
  • Quiet hours apply 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Recreational Vehicles and Equipment
  • Motorized recreational vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, off-road dirt bikes, mobile homes, boat trailers, etc. may not be used or stored on the roads, grounds or parking areas of Brickyard Creek.
Refuse and Trash
  • Storage of refuse or trash outside or on screen porches of cottages or homes is not permitted.
  • Refuse and trash shall only be deposited in dumpsters designated for use by Brickyard Creek owners, renters and guests. These are located on the north side of Roy’s Point Boulevard.
  • Construction waste, large metal or plastic objects, or electronics may not be deposited in the dumpsters.

For further details visit Sanitation & Recycling on our Owner Resources page.

Signage/Landscape Objects
  • Commercial signage of any kind other than approved real estate signage, is not permitted. Numeric cottage numbering signage must be in Association approved formats.
  • The use of yard art items, on the common grounds of BYC is not allowed unless reviewed and approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
Speed Limits
  • All posted speed limits on Brickyard Creek roads shall be observed by cottage owners, homeowners, renters, and guests.
  • Storage and placement of boats, boat trailers, campers, mobile homes, recreational vehicles and equipment including snowmobiles/ATVs and trailers, and power equipment is not permitted.  It may not be parked or stored on the roads, common grounds, or parking areas of Brickyard Creek. Such vehicles and equipment may only be parked or stored in the Roy’s Point Marina parking areas with a permit from the marina manager.
  • Firewood is to be stacked neatly in a location not visible from the trails or roadways.
  • Plans for storage and removal of building materials and waste must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
  • Storage sheds and wood storage structures may be used only if approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
Trees and Vegetation
  • Changes to any Brickyard Creek grounds or vegetation shall be made only with the approval of the Forest and Watershed Committee.
  • Trees shall be removed or planted only with the approval of the Forest and Watershed Committee.
  • The Forest and Watershed Committee will approve the planting of only native wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and trees on the common grounds. (Please refer to the following documents for clarification – the Hazardous Tree Guidelines and the Native Tree/ Guidelines for BYC Grounds and Landscaping is available on the BYC Website)
  • Wildflowers shall not be removed from the Brickyard Creek Grounds.
  • Grass mowing is not allowed on the common grounds without the approval of the BYC Forest and Watershed Committee.

For further details review Planting & Forest Policies on our Owner Resources page.