Fred & Ingrid Lebolt

Are you nuts? That’s the first question we’re typically asked when we tell family and friends about the distance to our new cabin at Brickyard Creek. It’s approximately an eight hour drive from where we live in suburban Chicago. In reply, we take out photos from around the cottage. We show pictures of the screened-in […]

Linda & John Daly

Welcome to Brickyard Creek. Where homes are not on the land, but of the land.  – Brickyard Creek Brochure   Since July 2002, when Linda and I moved into our northern Wisconsin retreat at Brickyard Creek, we have celebrated “ownership” of a small piece of this unique environment.  It is our second home; a location […]

Linda & John Cory

You’re moving where?? Our friends knew of our love of the Bayfield area as we’d been visiting here for nearly 15 years. But to move to Bayfield year-round?? In Stevens Point, Wisconsin, where we lived since the early 1970’s, the Duluth area is known as Eskimo country. Sure, it’s a great place to visit during […]