Meet Nancy & Steve Sandstrom

How did you end up at Brickyard Creek? Each member of the Brickyard Creek Community has a unique and inspiring answer to this question. We invite you to share YOUR story with us. Reach out to community manager Jeffery Garrett today! Our Story In reflecting on the question of how we came to be residents […]

Stan and Susanne Kaufman

Our adventure on the Big Lake began in 1991 when we were transferred from Toronto to Fargo, N.D.. What to do with our Noble Quest, a 33’ 1967 mahogany Chris Craft we had sailed over Georgian Bay, Lake Huron

Ken and Harriet Nerad

Impressed! In October 2004, we accompanied our friends and neighbors, Stan and Sue Kaufman, on a weekend get away to their cottage in Bayfield, WI.  We were quite impressed with the surroundings and the friendliness of the neighbors.  After returning home, we mulled over the idea of buying a cottage for sale – Ziad and […]

Doug & Joan Cybela

Can passion for Big Water be a genetic predisposition? Ha! It would seem so for each of us, its presence first surfacing at our respective births in Milwaukee, WI, where wafts of Lake Michigan air filled our young lungs. Doug’s paternal grandfather was among the infamous members of the Polar Bear Club of Lake Michigan, […]

Kay Biga

My BYC story started about nine years ago. My mother and I were looking at buying property in Bayfield and found the development at Brickyard Creek. Back at that time my kids were much younger and it just wasn’t the right time. Fast forward four years. My husband, Pat Spott, and I went over to […]

Deedee & Steve Smith

So here we are. What’s your excuse? Members of the Brickyard Creek community come from many states and many different backgrounds, but all were attracted to the Bayfield area and ultimately Brickyard Creek. We want to know what drew you here and how you found your way. I’ll start with our story and hope you […]