The Boreal Forest Citizenry

This piece is being shared with you by Boreal Forest Citizen and Brickyard Creek community member, Dale Klubertanz. Dale is the chair of the Forest and Watershed Committee and an association board member. You can find him walking with his dog Hattie on the beach and on the trails around his Aspen cabin (#18 on Sophie […]

Video: Red Cliff Ojibwe History

By the shore of Lake Superior, Marvin DeFoe and Andrew Gokee share stories of the Red Cliff Ojibwe. They tell of a history that goes back to the Ice Age, of the Sandy Lake Tragedy, of Chief Buffalo’s trip to Washington, D.C., that enabled them to stay on their land, and of preparing their children […]

Spring Treasures Hidden Under the Snow

This  photo collection is being shared with you by Boreal Forest Citizen and Brickyard Creek community member, Zina Harrington. You might find Zina and her husband (Shad) with their two girls (Nya & Lola) skipping rocks at the beach, roaming the community trails in Wellies or eating ice-cream downtown Bayfield.  . . . It’s said that the Saturday and Sunday after […]

Boundaries Without

Brickyard Creek developer and seemingly prolific author, David Culberson, has written a new short story titled Sprawled that addresses a potential result of out of control development. You can read this provocative tale in Calumet Edition’s recently published anthology of speculative fiction called Boundaries Without. Thanks for checking it out!

David Culberson on “Write On! Radio”

Brickyard Creek developer, David Culberson, was recently on KFAI’s “Write On! Radio” to discuss his second novel Alterio’s Motive. I found the interview to be engaging and thought-provoking. Dave is a leader in sustainable development and I came away feeling fortunate that his vision (almost twenty years ago) has led to the continued specialness of […]