BYC Manager Note – Summer 2018

Sitting near the shoreline the other night with a sizable group of BYC residents reminded me once again how blessed we are to be located next to the greatest of all lakes. The sky was that deep Bayfield Blue, the air mercifully dry, and the temperature in the low 70’s. There was just enough breeze to […]

Manager Report – Winter 2018

The ‘Creek Life  Strapped in snowshoes, we tried to stride but mostly stomped our way across the open clearing. When we located the buried viewing deck, we stopped and with a satisfying plop found ourselves comfortably on our back staring up at the Milky Way. It was there in the peace I found myself trying […]

Brickyard Creek Annual Associations Meeting 2017

A dispatch from the ‘Creek where suddenly Spring is mounting a solid comeback! Indeed, after shouldering through a raw, somewhat dispiriting stretch of icy rain (that included threats of measurable snow), it now appears we are in the clear. That seemed hard to imagine just a few days ago when the disagreeable conditions forced everything […]