Meet Nancy & Steve Sandstrom

How did you end up at Brickyard Creek? Each member of the Brickyard Creek Community has a unique and inspiring answer to this question. We invite you to share YOUR story with us. Reach out to community manager Jeffery Garrett today! Our Story In reflecting on the question of how we came to be residents […]

Building a Legacy on the Wings of Butterflies

Over the summer, a small group of volunteers came together at Brickyard Creek to plant a Monarch Waystation; what they ended up planting was an environmental legacy. Monarchs are not able to survive the cold winters of most of the United States, so the butterflies migrate south and west each autumn to escape the cold weather. […]

The Boreal Forest Citizenry

This piece is being shared with you by Boreal Forest Citizen and Brickyard Creek community member, Dale Klubertanz. Dale is the chair of the Forest and Watershed Committee and an association board member. You can find him walking with his dog Hattie on the beach and on the trails around his Aspen cabin (#18 on Sophie […]

Spring Treasures Hidden Under the Snow

This  photo collection is being shared with you by Boreal Forest Citizen and Brickyard Creek community member, Zina Harrington. You might find Zina and her husband (Shad) with their two girls (Nya & Lola) skipping rocks at the beach, roaming the community trails in Wellies or eating ice-cream downtown Bayfield.  . . . It’s said that the Saturday and Sunday after […]

Reflection … Restoration … Renewal

Reflection … Restoration … Renewal Enriching and contemplative words, aren’t they? For me, and perhaps for you … these are among a litany of words that tickle my mind, heart and soul when I immerse in the natural world. Walking the trails of Brickyard Creek, wandering the shores of Lake Superior, exploring the natural beauty […]