BYCCA Stewardship Committee Update – May 2022

Brightly colored kayaks on a rack near a picnic shelter on the Lake Superior shore

Brickyard Creek’s Community Picnic Area


To steward the Brickyard Creek Community Vision, Mission, and Values through education, volunteering, and social gatherings.


  • Developers created a concept where cottages blend into the forest. Thoughtful design that highlighted Mother Nature as the number one amenity.
  • A few early members understood that we stumbled upon a remnant “pocket” boreal forest and an important watershed. An understanding that kept us growing in the right direction.
  • In 2011, the Vision Committee was formed. It all started when the question was asked why are we here? Three brief questions guided the discussion:
    • What makes BYC special?
    • What is the draw?
    • What is the hold?
  • The result was a community committed to maintaining our unique environment, promoting responsible educated citizens, sustaining a network of partnerships (with the broader community) and creating a legacy for all who share in the experience we call Brickyard Creek. (June 2011; June 2013)
  • Over the past decade and particularly the past few years important work was done to reinforce our path, endorse our identity, and support the Boreal Forest Citizen concept.

Identity Statement

Brickyard Creek is an environmental residential community on the shores of Lake Superior dedicated to active stewardship and tranquility. BYC is focused on: Lake & Land, Learning, Leadership, Lifestyle, Legacy

  • Our guiding principle or what helps the community make decisions
  • Both a touchstone and a template (monthly updates)
  • An opportunity to explore the depth of each word in the “L” alliteration
  • Our path to success

Boreal Forest Citizen

  • Represents the action piece of our identity
  • Authenticity – BYC has history, depth, and purpose
  • Sense of place – speaks to understanding, responsibility, and enjoyment


  • Coffee at the ‘Creek – casual “drop-in” gatherings/conversations scheduled the third Saturday morning throughout the summer
  • Events
  • Promoting partners activities
  • Creek Chronicles
  • Website contributions
  • Podcast
  • Winter online Zoom gatherings – guest interviews, etc. – to stay connected throughout the year


  • Partners (Friends of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Landmark Conservancy, Bayfield Area Trails, SRWA, BHC, Maritime Museum, etc.)
  • BYC Workdays – i.e., beach grass planting this fall
  • Forest & Watershed Projects
  • Legacy Week at the Creek – working on projects with younger generations – i.e. tree planting, Monarch Butterfly Waystation, creek monitoring, etc.

Social Gatherings

  • Hikes
  • Kayaking
  • Field Trips – i.e., Red Cliff Fish Co.
  • Holidays
  • Invite and involve the greater community

 Committee Members

  • Zina Harrington
  • Sarah Tschida
  • Dale Klubertanz
  • John Daly
  • Jeff Garrett
  • All BYC Members (ad hoc)

*The Stewardship Committee is a standing committee of the BYCCA Board of Directors (approved 5/17/2022) and represents the advancement of the former Vision Committee and Community and Communications Committee. Forest and Watershed is a sub-committee of the Stewardship Committee.