BYCCA President’s Update – May 2022

By Nancy Sandstrom

In thinking about the past year, I am blown away by how quickly time has past. Steve and I live here all year and the dog and I walk every morning through every season – sometimes on the BYC trails and often (winter!) on our roads. I am struck each day how fortunate I am to be part of this place, with these people and on this lake.

I am here to report that the Brickyard Creek Community Association is strong and healthy. With excellent management and community involvement we are in a solid position, both financially and as a community. That is not to say we don’t have any issues. We do. But I believe you will see as you read/hear our reports that we have a solid foundation of governance and organizational structure to meet the challenges facing us.

Stairway leading to bridge over Brickyard Creek

Brickyard Creek Trail

In thinking about our accomplishments this year, I pulled out a document from a BYCCA Board Planning Retreat held in July 2021. We each answered the following question: “A Year from now what will have been accomplished?” This is a summary of the various responses:

  • Financial Stability
  • Increase Community involvement and engagement
  • Updated Rental policies and procedures providing solid management foundation
  • Clearly defined approach to future development according to BYCCA values
  • Provide needed support & balance for Director’s position

As you make your way through the committee and Director Reports you will see that we have made good progress on many of these actions. Some more than others. Allow me to provide brief comments on each one:

Financial Stability – The excellent financial management by our Director along with the detailed and continuous attention from the Finance Committee have placed us in good stead. We begin this new year in solid financial condition.

Community involvement and engagement – In the past two year, Covid stalled much of our community involvement and activities. Despite this, we have attempted to create new and improved communications with a great new website and the beginning of what will be ongoing stories, photos, and opportunities to engage and inform. We are particularly grateful for the recent Brickyard Creek History Chronicles provided by Mary Carlson – an amazing overview of the history of our place and a wonderful way to share our community stories. This series was the first of what plan going forward through the website.

You will also hear from Jeff Garrett about the newly defined Stewardship Committee which is a merger of the Community & Communication and the Forest & Watershed committees. Whew! A lot of words, but it really is about community and stewardship.

Updated Rental Policies & Procedures – Details can be found in the Rental Committee report. But there are a few key actions that are important to note. First, the board has redefined what had been the “Rental Group” (an ad hoc committee) into a “Rental Committee” (a standing committee). This action was a sign that there is strong need and desire to better manage the rental program to be sure it is in line with BYC Values & Expectations.

We have also completed a full review and update of the rental policies and procedures. The Rental Committee Report will provide more details on this.

Clearly defined approach to future development according to BYCCA values – Specifically we are looking at the 21 undeveloped lots, attempting to define those appropriate for development and ensuring that the development process is managed within BYC guidelines and without undue burden to the community.

Provide needed support & balance for the Director’s position – We are blessed to have Jeff Garrett as our Director. His job description was reviewed in detail a year ago and will be reviewed again in the coming months. A well-deserved increase in salary was provided in June 2021. He wears many, many hats. Again, we are grateful and fortunate to have his expertise and passion.

Overview of Challenges and Opportunities in the coming year:

As of this meeting a new Board will be in place. Two current Board members are stepping down, and we are fortunate to have several residents ready to step up and get engaged.

As this newly shaped Board begins their work, these will be the priorities (at least at this point!):

  • Continue attention to financial management (a given)
  • Support Director (a given)
  • Lay groundwork to define controlled development of future lots
  • Continue to Address Rental Concerns as Program evolves
  • Continue to build our communications with community

Please know that a LOT of strategic work has taken place in the last few years.

  • We are now just entering year 3 of a 3-year strategic plan
  • The Governance work completed provides a more understandable structure for current and future boards and committees.
  • Our Strategic Planning work with consultant, Kevin Stranberg was incredibly helpful, and I fully recommend the board continuing this process.

I want to thank several people as I move toward my exit of the Board.

  • A huge thank you to Jeff Garrett – his knowledge of the place, the business and the people is amazing and incredibly important for all of us.
  • Thank you to the Board: Peter Jaroff, Kayla Picciano, Peggy Knapp and Dave Culberson. This was a strong and good group to work with. The group provided great historic knowledge, the ability to take bold steps, and a bit of humor.


Thank you all!

Nancy Sandstrom
Former President – BYCCA