BYCCA Finance Committee Update – January 2022

Snow Covered BYC Sign

The BYC bridge sign after the January 2022 storm.

On Dec. 15, 2021, the Board of Directors unanimously adopted the 2022 Operating Budget for the Brickyard Creek Community Association. The operating budget funds the continuation of our current level of services as well as known inflationary and anticipated cost increases. The budget includes a modest increase in the annual assessment needed to fund effective operations and maintenance of the Brickyard Creek Community.

Costs have gone up in the past year, and we anticipate that trend continuing in the coming year. Additionally, several continuing legal questions require the services of the association’s attorney and the Board voted to give Director Jeff Garrett a well- deserved raise. The first-half 2022 assessment will be sent by email from accounting firm Ehlers and Pierce at the beginning of January. As in the past, the full budget will be shared with the membership at the annual meeting in May.

Thank you,

BYCCA Finance Committee

Peggy Knapp, Treasurer
Dan Wilczek
Jim Gilson