BYCCA Director Update – June 2022

Rocky shore in foreground, sandy beach in distance next to Lake Superior

Lake Superior and the restored Brickyard Creek beach.

By Jeff Garrett

As the Brickyard Creek Director, my role is the “hands-on,” go-to resource person for all issues relating to the administration, operations, and communications of the BYC Community – this includes the condo association, lakeshore, and the common property we enjoy.

My essential functions include staff and support to each committee and the Board of Directors, including recording secretary of all board meetings. Please note that all minutes are available in the Owners Only section on the community website. Contact me for the password to that section of our website.

The following provides more details about what has been accomplished over the past year and what is planned for the coming year.

Take good care and see you at the ‘Creek!

Jeffery A. Garrett – Director, Brickyard Creek

“An environmental community on the shore of Lake Superior.”




  • The association is in excellent financial shape with no major projects on the horizon.
  • A reminder that the Roy’s Point Blvd. project has been paid in full.
  • We ended 2022 $13,971.72 under budget – most of the cost savings realized in operations.
  • We created CD ladders for both Condo and Umbrella Associations = $116,500.
  • We have $35,000 cash on hand (above operating expenses) in checking accounts as a buffer.
  • Reserve accounts continue to align with the recommendations of the reserve study.
  • Our transition to Ehlers and Pierce Accounting is complete.
  • Look for a second-half assessment invoice via email in early July.


  • A knowledgeable and professional team is in place to protect our vision, surrounding forest, and ultimately property values.
  • As the Director, I act as the coordinator and first point of contact or all potential construction projects.
  • Note: A change of outside lighting or stain color must go through the ACC before the work begins.
  • Architectural Guidelines are found on the community website under Owner Resources –

Rental Oversight

  • An active committee continues their work maintaining harmony and community values.
  • BYC is a growing full-time residential community.
  • Renting in Bayfield has never been in more demand. Currently we have 61 cottages in BYC, 16 are in the rental program.
  • New rental info documents are on display inside cottages. These documents provide a positive introduction to BYC, our rules and values. The most current version (found on our website) has a QR code that leading to the new Visitor page.
  • The new Visitor page provides a one-page summary that welcomes the guest, provides information about the area, clearly shares the rules, contact numbers and a link to our new community map –
  • A new Community Map includes all of Brickyard Creek, trails, and location of key features –
  • QR Codes are available to take members and guests directly to the Visitor page and Community Map. Fridge Magnets are available as well.
  • More rental oversight work can be found in the Rental Committee report.


Operations functions are key to maintaining property values, community well-being, and how BYC looks and functions.

Trash and Recycling

  • Thank you for breaking down boxes and keeping plastic bags out the recycling dumpster.
  • Waste Management takes a video of each load and will charge BYC extra for not properly disposing of recyclables and trash.
  • Construction material, electronics, furniture, batteries, etc. are not allow in the trash.
  • BRB Recycling Center is located along Hwy. 13 in the Town of Russell.


  • A new entry sign was installed in 2021.
  • New “20 is Plenty” signs have been installed.
  • Cracked or faded street and informational signs will be replaced as needed.
  • All street signposts will be stained.


  • Cracks in Roy’s Point Blvd. to be filled and sealed this spring.
  • All roads will be graveled in 2022.
  • All driveways will be graded and gravel added where needed.

Beach and Picnic Area

  • The kayak rack and picnic pavilion floor were re-stained.
  • Beach grass is on order for fall planting.
  • Two benches were added to the beach area.
  • Improvement plans to be discussed in 2022.


  • All wells passed as safe in 2021.
  • 2022 bacteriological testing is to begin in June.
  • Curb stop maintenance on several wells is scheduled for this summer.
  • The staining of well enclosures continues.


  • The BYC Trail and Gaylord Nelson Trail were completely redone in 2021.
  • We are doing consistent pruning and weeding throughout the trail system, including invasives removal along the paths.
  • All infrastructure, including staircases, bridges, viewing deck are to be re-stained with clear Sansin sealant. This product protects, prevents mildew, and promotes natural graying.
  • A complete rebuild of the Culberson Trail from Tucker Rd. to BYC Rd. is in progress.
  • We added Syd’s Way, connecting Sophie Lane to BYC Rd.


  • There are currently no freshly cut balsam woodchips available. We were recently notified the vendor is retiring.
  • Several local arborists will be providing chips as they become available.
  • Alternative plans are being explored, including chipping aged Poplar at BYC.

Forest Management

  • Our hazardous tree and aged Poplar removal plan with arborists continues.
  • Tree trimming around all cottages was completed last fall and earlier this spring.
  • Storm clean-up continues along the trail system.
  • Invasive plant and buckthorn removal continues, working with Bay Area Environmental Consulting.
  • Propane tanks will be painted to blend into the surrounding forest.
  • Opportunities for volunteer crews will be coming.


Community Website

  • The new site is a complete resource providing members and guests everything they need to know about the community. It is easy to navigate and is mobile friendly.
  • Webmaster Tony Jeannette and I meet every other week to make updates and continually seek ways to improve the site.

Creek Chronicles

  • This article series can be found in the Library section of our website. These articles provide a way for us to share our reflections, our history, learn from each other’s experiences, and steward our community identity.
  • All community members are welcome to contribute prose, video, music, photos, artwork, or any other inspired project.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect to make an excellent blog post and resource!

Meet Your Community

  • We would like community members to create a Brickyard Creek Profile. This can include a few photos and answers to questions we are developing.
  • It’s a great opportunity to share your connection to the area and provides a way for us to get to know our neighbors.
  • The profiles will be posted in the secure “Owners Only” section on the BYC website.
  • We will be formally introducing this in the coming weeks along with your opportunity to contribute.
  • A similar Pup Profile will also be introduced so our 4-legged family members can get to each other as well!

Monthly Newsletter

  • Article will be based on the “L” alliteration of the Brickyard Creek Identity Statement.
  • Community updates and news will fit into these categories: Lake, Land, Learning, Leadership, Lifestyle, and Legacy