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BYCCA Board of Directors

The Brickyard Creek HOA Board is a group of owners who volunteer their time to ensure our community thrives and abides by the principles and vision on which this development was built. Their photos and bios are below.

Sheldon Goldberg - President

Sheldon Goldberg

Growing up in Northern Wisconsin I have been visiting Bayfield throughout my life.  Bayfield was one of the family's favorite places and we visited often.  As an adult, although not living in Wisconsin, I would visit Bayfield almost every year and knew it was a special place. In 2012 we had the opportunity to acquire our home in BYC on Madeleine Lane.

BYC is a unique and very special community, truly committed to the values, stewardship, community service, friendship, and preservation.  I am committed to these ideals and wish to preserve the sense of community with these shared values as BYC ventures into the future.

The community will experience new challenges as BYC goes from a developer model to a fully self operation.  This change presents new challenges and opportunities.

My background has provided several opportunities to develop skills and experiences that I hope can useful to the Board and the community.  BYC like all things will change and adapt as we venture into our shared future.  Yet it will be the board's challenge to assure we do it responsibly and respectfully of our shared values and vision.

It is a privilege to serve on the BYC board and I am committed to the community's future and betterment.

Jim Arts - Treasurer

Jim Arts

I graduated from UW Eau Claire in 1986 with a degree in marketing. For 30 yrs, I worked for a heavy haul transportation firm. In 2019, I retired and am now a part-time volleyball official. My board experience includes serving on the Badger Region Volleyball Association board as the referee chair for three years. I have also served on varies committees for USA Volleyball to promote the education and training of referees in the sport.

My wife Kathy and I are from Oconomowoc, WI. We have two daughters, Kasey and Maitlin and a Bernese Mountain dog named Odin. I love the outdoors and enjoy hunting, fishing, kayaking and hiking.

Our journey to Brickyard Creek began when Kathy and I took the kids on an overnight kayaking trip to Sand Island. Even though both Kathy and I had spent summers in the north woods, we had never been this far north. It was like a whole different world. We then made it back up to Bayfield when my daughter Kasey attended Northland College. At that point, Kathy started to casually look at property in BYC. Our search got serious when our families sold their lake properties in the Minoqua and Rhinelander areas. It took us two years and many trips up to Bayfield to find our cottage on Casey Lane in 2019. Kathy and I tried renting out our cottage for two years, but found out it got harder and harder to share our second home with strangers. With Kathy’s retirement from teaching middle school math and science, we decided we wanted to be able to spend more time at the cottage and come and go as we please. We love being able to come spend time with our daughter Kasey, who works for the National Park Service, and her husband Michael, who is part owner of Bay Area Environmental Consulting. Our other daughter Maitlin is a middle school teacher and is able to spend time with us at the cottage during the summer and her school breaks.

Since we are now spending more time at BYC, I believe it is important to get involved in the community. As a board member, I look forward to working with others to preserve and enhance the special place we have here at Brickyard Creek.

Steve Smith - Secretary

Smith Smith

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I attended Amherst College and graduated in 1964 with a degree in Economics. I spent my summers sailing, clamming, and fishing on Cape Cod. My wife, Deede, born and raised in Minnesota, ultimately attended Mount Holyoke College, a college in Massachusetts located about 9 miles away from Amherst. Deede also graduated in 1964. She spent many of her summers either on Madeline Island or on Minnesota’s White Bear Lake learning how to sail. We ultimately met in 1962 on apparently one of the best blind dates either of us had ever had; and married upon our graduations in 1964.

Because Deede found immediate employment as a computer programmer back in her home state, I gained acceptance to the University of Minnesota Law School and traveled outside of New England for the first time. I practiced business law from 1967 until 2011, ultimately serving as a board member and head of the business department of a 120-lawyer firm with offices in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Denver, Colorado and Washington, D.C.

During my practicing years I focused primarily on the representation of entrepreneurs. I served as General Counsel to many different medical device-oriented companies. After retiring from private practice in 2011, I continued to serve these and other such companies from the point of start-up to the point of sale in various capacities - Board member of six, Board Chairman of two, and as an officer of four. Most have now been sold, but I am still a Board member of one medical device company.

Besides sailing, and perhaps because each of us descend from veterinarians, it was not altogether stunning to discover that we also had a mutual love for animals. I grew up with Morgan Horses and Deede grew up with Golden Retrievers. So from 1973-1995 Deede and I developed Collinwood Farms, a venture that bred, trained and exhibited Morgan Horses and bred and raised Golden Retrievers. I served as President of the North Central Morgan Horse Association and Deede served as Publisher of its quarterly newsletter.

From a civics perspective, I served six years as President and board member of the 62-unit townhome association where we now live, and Deede served as its Treasurer. Our terms ended in April 2023. We have also served as 4-H leaders and have assumed various leadership positions in the churches we have attended.

This brings me to Brickyard Creek. Early on I was anxious to return to my roots as I missed the proximity of an ocean. Deede said “You want an ocean? I’ll show you an ocean, and it has no salt, sharks, or other scary critters!” And she introduced me to Bayfield and Lake Superior. We bought our first sailboat in 1969 and sailed the Apostle Islands with trips to Isle Royale and Black River Falls thrown in for good measure until 2017 when we decided we had to start acting our age. In 2000 we built our cottage on Sophie Lane. In the early years of the BYC development Deede served as its President and Board Member, while from 2001 until 2017 I served as a Board member and Secretary of Roys Point Marina Association. Peter Jarof’s recent invitation to pursue a BYCCA Board membership requested the background information set out above, and the answers to three questions. The answers provided to him can be summarized as follows:

We have a daughter and 4 grandchildren in Philadelphia who love this place, and a daughter and 3 grandchildren in Minnesota who love this place. It must be preserved for as long as possible. I have concerns about allowing too many renters, and I have concerns about Davidson’s wholesale transfer of many vacant lots to one buyer. BYC is a community of people, like-mindedly concerned with matters that would environmentally prejudice its existing waterways and woodlands. Their preservation is critical, and we applaud prior BYC management that has developed an infrastructure geared to that preservation.

Steve Sandstrom

Steve Sandstrom

Nancy and I have been living in Brickyard Creek since 2016. We have been visiting Brickyard Creek for 25 years. The whole philosophy of the Brickyard Creek Community completely fits with my values. There are very few residential developments that respect the natural environment the way we do here in the BYC Community. I have worked with the BYC Forest and Watershed Committee and for the last several years have served on the Architectural Control Committee. As a result, I am very familiar with many of the issues that will need to be addressed here in Brickyard.

When we first came to Bayfield, Nancy and I bought the Pinehurst Inn in just south of Bayfield and operated the business for 20 years. We ran our business following a “Sustainable Operations Plan” that considered economic, environmental, and social responsibilities that need to be addressed as an owner of any business. Our business was recognized internationally as a leading example of eco-friendly lodging facility and business.

I have had a variety of jobs over the years but the majority of then have been related to education. I have taught high school biology and environmental science and at the college level I have taught a variety of courses all related to community sustainability. Examples include Sustainable Business, Principles of Sustainability, Overview of Alternative Energy, and many others.

I have always been very active in my community and have served on several Community Boards including the Alliance for Sustainability, The Bayfield Regional Conservancy, The Chequamegon Food Cooperative, and the Bayfield County Board of Supervisors.

I am an avid outdoorsman and love fishing, hunting, birdwatching, hiking, wildlife photography and painting.

My experience in working with a variety of corporate, non-profit, and governmental Boards will be very helpful in working on the BYC Board of Directors.

Christine Tran

Christine Tran

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA, where I attended the University of Washington. I moved to Minnesota in 2011 to attend Mayo Medical School in Rochester, thinking that I would surely return to the West Coast after graduation. While in Rochester, I met my partner, Ramoncito, while he was in his vascular surgery residency. I matched for my Internal Medicine residency at the University of Minnesota, and we started building a life for ourselves here in the Midwest. I served as a chief resident after graduation, then started working as a hospitalist at Regions Hospital in St. Paul in 2019.

We live in Minneapolis and started discovering the outdoors together just before the pandemic. Within the span of six months, we went from never pitching a tent to backpacking for a week in Patagonia. When the world came to a halt in 2020, we explored closer to home, which led us to the Superior Hiking Trail and then to Bayfield and the Apostle Islands. We fell in love with the majesty of the lake, a whole inland ocean just a few hours' drive away. We bought our cottage in Brickyard Creek in 2022 and have deeply appreciated how this space -- the cottage, the trails, the community -- has helped us recharge after hectic weeks in the hospital and helped us reconnect with each other and with friends. Brickyard Creek is a truly special place along the shores of Lake Superior, and I hope to contribute to the continued preservation of the ecology and tranquility of this space while deepening our connections with the broader Bayfield community.

In 2019, I also completed my yoga teacher certification and have been teaching since then. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, savoring quiet time with my partner and our pets, reading, cooking, and baking.


John Daly

John Daly

My name is John Daly. My wife Linda and I have owned a cabin at Brickyard Creek (BYC) since 2002. I have previously served on the Board for two separate terms and I have been an active member on several committees including the Building and Grounds Committee and the original Vision Committee.

During our twenty-two years of residency in the Brickyard Creek Community, we have logged many, many trips from our home in Madison and suburban Waunakee, Wisconsin. I finished graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the 1970’s with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and in Education Administration. In 2015, I retired from education after four decades with the Madison Public Schools, the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research at the UW and as a private school improvement and principal leadership consultant.

Since retirement I have served on the board of the Friends of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy in the Madison area and volunteered with several other non-profits. My retirement has allowed me the time to redefine and renew myself and to appreciate the uniqueness of the BYC Community, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and the Bayfield Peninsula.

I believe that the BYC Community is in a great place. We can celebrate and reflect on our accomplishments but we cannot become too passive. I hope to do all I can to maintain and enhance the vision of the BYC Community. I also believe that my previous experience on the initial committees that formed the BYC Community will be helpful. My skill set includes being an engaged listener and working collaboratively with diverse groups to achieve a set of goals.

Over these past twenty-two years, our friends have asked Linda and I what is so special about Bayfield and the BYC Community that we are willing to drive more than 300 miles (over 600 miles round trip) to be here? Our response has always been . . . a peaceful sigh and a smile.

Peggy Knapp

Peggy Knapp

This is my second term as a board member of BYCCA. I believe my skills and experience will benefit our community. I hold a doctorate in education, with an emphasis on environmental education, and am the former Director of Programs at Minnesota’s Freshwater Society, a statewide environmental advocacy organization.

My professional and academic focus has always been on water- protecting it, teaching about its significance, studying our many relationships with it, and creating programs that develop community leadership to protect and improve water quality. I believe that everything is connected to everything else, including the BYCCA.

My goals for the Board reflect that belief- to strengthen the relationship between our community and that of the greater Cheq Bay area, increase the resiliency of the built and natural environments of BYCCA, and ensure that BYCCA values and mission guide the future development of the remaining cottage sites and land.

As climate change brings new threats and opportunities to the Upper Midwest, I want to help Brickyard Creek be prepared to navigate new and changing conditions.

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