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The 411: Buying in Brickyard Creek

Who We Are

Our Mission

The citizens of Brickyard Creek are committed to the active stewardship of our environmental community through the promotion of ongoing education, achievement of continued economic stability and being active, good neighbors throughout our Lake Superior communities.

Our Values

Environmentally proactive, economically responsible, and socially engaged

Our Forest

A unique remnant or “pocket” boreal forest is a highly valued amenity, and the community aims to protect it.

Brickyard Creek is about the peaceful co-mingling of humans with nature.

Our Members

A close-knit, talented community who are steadfast in volunteering, educational opportunities, and gathering socially.

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Welcome to our environmental residential community on the shores of Lake Superior, dedicated to stewardship and tranquility.

We’ve put together this brief guide of information you need to know if you are considering buying and building in the Brickyard Creek Community. Please review this information carefully and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Development Footprint

Development Footprint

The Brickyard Creek Community is a condominium association. Owners are required to comply with all legal documents, rules, regulations, and common expectations.

Review our Legal Documents.

  • Once a cottage is built, all land beyond the cottage footprint is considered common property.
  • Common property is owned by the association and cannot be altered without prior approval.

Development Costs

The buyer of an empty cottage site is responsible for all development costs, beginning with hiring a surveyor to mark the cottage site according to the 2020 recorded plat.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) must approve all site work BEFORE the work begins. Development costs include but are not limited to:

Site Work Fees & Expenses 

    • Selective tree clearing 
    • Tree stumping and removal
    • Constructing a driveway and parking area 
    • Power pedestal 
    • Well drilling or hookup (site specific) 
    • Holding tank or sewer hookup (site specific) 
    • Propane tank or natural gas hookup (site specific)  
  • BYC Infrastructure Restoration Fee – $1,000
  • Construction Oversight Fee
  • Contractor Fees & Expenses
  • Required Permit Fees
  • Professional Survey Fees
Development Costs

Architectural Control

ACC Guidelines and Process

The Brickyard Creek Community has an Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

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  • The ACC has the authority and responsibility to ensure that the character of BYC is maintained and protected. The ACC oversees all proposed construction, exterior modifications, and environmental impacts.
  • All owners who propose new construction, an addition, or modification to their cottage must first contact the appointed Association representative, Jeffery Garrett,  Email Jeffery 

Activities that require ACC review and approval include but are not limited to:

  • Architectural design and location of all new construction and addition
  • Exterior modifications, additions, or changes to any cottage or home
  • Infrastructure construction techniques and placement (driveways, wells, holding tanks)
  • View corridors
  • Clearing or removal of trees and vegetation
  • Site restoration plan
  • Surface drainage
  • Driveway and parking surfaces
  • Building pad location and foundation type
  • Exterior materials
  • Garages
  • Storage or firewood shed
  • Decks and egress steps
  • Exterior paint/stain color spectrums
  • Roof material and color
  • Exterior communication devices
  • Exterior lighting
  • Construction material storage and plan for refuse
  • Signage
  • Landscaping

Rental Guidelines & Process

If you are planning to have your cottage be a short-term rental, there are some things you need to know:

  • All members who intend to rent their cottage or lake home must use a Board approved management agency.
  • All members who intend to rent their cottage or lake home must comply with the Brickyard Creek Community Association Rental Policy Resolution.
  • The majority of homes in the Brickyard Creek Community are not rentals. They are full-time and part-time-seasonal homes. Our members value the peace and serenity of our community. All visitors are expected to follow our Visitor Policies.
Rental Guidelines and Process

More Information

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