Brickyard Creek Community Survey – Summer 2020

Word cloud from the BYC Community Survey

Nancy Sandstrom – Community & Communications Committee Chair

In May of 2020, the BYC Board unanimously approved the BYC Community Strategic Plan developed by the Vision Committee. Three key areas (pillars) within the Plan are Governance, Development and Community & Communications.

The Development component focuses on “Envisioning Future Development”:

Develop Strategic Goals that guide the development of the remaining sites/lots and commonly held land (i.e. trails, beach, forests, and creek) in BYC. These goals will reflect broad input from residents and will be consistent with the BYC Vision, Mission and Values.

To ensure we have a clear picture of our community’s development philosophy, the Vision Committee worked to create a focused Community Survey. Numerous Zoom meetings were held with the assistance of area consultant Kevin Stranberg of Kevin Stranberg Associates. The Brickyard Creek Community Survey was sent to the community at the end of July. The response was incredible with an 88% completion rate.

Kevin Stranberg Associates was then hired to assist with the analysis. His objective and professional guidance was critically important, resulting in a comprehensive summary report.

The Brickyard Creek Community Survey provides guidance for our Board and Committees. We are appreciative of the incredible response of our community members, a clear indication of the passion for BYC and all it stands for.

A huge THANK YOU to the people who labored through this process: Virginia Graves, Pat Gottfried, Joan Cybela, Jeff Garrett, Carolyn Milbrath, Dale Klubertanz, John Daly, Zina Harrington and Tony Jeannette. Thank you!

2020 Community Survey Report