Winter greetings from BYC! And yes! It is clearly winter. Our 25+ inches of snow in the last 5 days has been both physically challenging (just a bit of shoveling!) and spiritually exhilarating. What a scene. With slightly warmer temps forecast for this weekend, many of us plan to take full advantage and do some snowshoeing within BYC or load up the skis to head out to Mt. Ashwabay XC ski trails. Glorious!

This snowstorm was immense. It has been a challenge for every community in the South Shore to keep the roads clear during the storm and to begin the cleanup and snow removal. But I must share that between Jeff Garrett and Gary Hyde, BYC remained open and passable the entire time. Their time and efforts are recognized and much appreciated.

Clear Roads Blue Skies at BYC

Clear roads & blue skies at BYC!

Updates from the Board:

Over the past 9 months the BYCCA Board has met at least monthly, along with numerous committee meetings. Here a few highlights:

Short-Term Rental Program:

In the past two years there has been a significant increase in the occupancy rates of the Short-Term Rental Units. What was 25-30% occupancy pre-Covid, has become 80% or more. This increase means more rentals throughout the year along with the already busy summer season.

The Board has taken the time to make a more complete review of the BYC Rental Program including policies, procedures, and documents. This analysis in ongoing. Two important steps taken thus far:

(1) In our December 2021 Board meeting, there was unanimous support to change the Rental Group (had been an ad hoc committee) to the Rental Committee (a Standing Committee). This recognizes the current level of rental activity in BYC and lays better groundwork for current and future Boards to manage the program. Committee members have been recruited and regular meetings have begun.

(2) The Short-Term Rental Policy Resolution was updated and accepted at the 2/22/22 Board meeting. This update recognizes the increased rental activity and defines priorities going forward.

More will be shared with the community in the coming months. Our goal is to ensure a solid Short-Term Rental Program (good for their owners) that supports the values and expectations of the BYC community as a whole (good for the community).


Brickyard Creek ended our year with a surplus. Once again, hats off to Jeff Garrett and the Finance Committee for excellent management of the finances. At the same time as we look ahead, we needed to recognize two increased line items for 2022:

Director Compensation – A long overdue increase in the compensation for our Director.

Legal Expenses – The past few years showed necessary expenses for legal fees due to the BYC Merger. Going forward, it is important to recognize the periodic need for legal review in a number of areas.

A more detailed breakout of all financials will be part of our Annual Meeting in May

Looking Ahead:

Speaking of the Annual Meeting, it is our HOPE that we will be able to hold the traditional Annual Meeting in late May. We will be sending out a more detailed notice on this in the next month. Let’s cross our fingers that Covid will continue to fall off.

One Last Thought:

If you have a love for these Apostle Islands, this is your opportunity to share these thoughts for future generations. Friends of the Apostle Islands have created a time capsule to the future stewards of the Apostle Islands.

What do you want your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to experience? Your wishes can be part of this time capsule. Check out Friends of Apostle Islands Time Capsule Letter for more information. Thank you to Zina Harrington for sharing hers. Steve & I will be sending ours in this weekend.

Thank you!

Nancy Sandstrom

BYCCA Board President