Around the Yard – Fall 2017

A trail through Brickyard Creek

This is the first of a series of updates we will be sending from time to time to keep everybody up to date on news, issues, and events “Around The Yard.” Here goes….


At the time of the annual meeting the Board had not yet elected a new slate of officers, something it needs to do annually. In July, Kay Biga (then Vice-President) said “enough is enough” and called a meeting to elect officers. The results are in and your new officers are Peter Tropman, President; Brad Wiersum, Vice President; Kay Biga Treasurer. These officers also serve as members of the Board’s Executive Committee which is responsible for organization and management of the Board’s functioning and empowered to act on behalf of the Board regarding issues emerging between scheduled Board meetings. Please reach out to them or other members of the Board (Lin Bick, Doug Cybela, John Daly, Jeff Garrett, Dale Klubertanz, Ron Mathew) if you have thoughts or concerns.


After many years of incredible leadership and impactful work Dale Klubertanz has passed the baton to a “new generation of Brick-guardians”. Steve Sandstrom has agreed to take up the Chairmanship of the Forest and Watershed Committee while Dale will continue as the Board’s liaison to the committee. Jim Gilson, and Tony Jeanette are new members. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Steve or Dale. The committee will be working in partnership with the Vision Committee and the Boreal Forest Citizens on some important projects as we move into 2018. These will be great opportunities to get-together as a community to learn, have fun, and add to the specialness of Brickyard Creek. Let’s all send a big thanks to Dale for his stewardship of the committee and the impact it has had on the quality of life we enjoy here at The Yard.


We are very pleased to share the news that Bob Davidson and the National Park Service have come to agreement on the terms of a new 15-year lease. This is very good news. The Park Service is an important leg of our community stool and a key lynch pin for the future. There are number of important leasehold improvements, including the painting, re-roofing, and internal modernization of the Park Services building; the construction of an expanded ware-yard in the area behind the berm, and major repairs to the south break wall of the marina. Overall the impact on Brickyard and the common easement is expected to be minimal as most of the work will inside the building and at the marina. Work on the building and site preparation for the ware yard will begin immediately. As a result, the dumpsters have been relocated to the north side of Roy’s Point Blvd (directly across from the previous location). We also expect a modest increase in construction related traffic on Roy’s Point Blvd. As we learn more about the details the Board will provide further updates.


As a condominium community we all agreed to live in harmony with the “rules” laid out in the declarations and bylaws, and common expectations. Importantly these make clear that any modifications to the exterior of our units, (including attached art work, lighting, repainting or roofing with different color material) and changes (tree trimming/removal, placement of art, storage/placement of equipment, sheds, planting and landscaping, etc) affecting the “common area” (anything beyond the footprint of our units) must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee or the Forest and Watershed Committee or possibly the Board of Directors. Of late the Board has noticed, or received complaints and questions from community residents about some significant “non-compliance creep.” Installation of windows, exterior lighting, placement of sheds, storage and use of noisy power equipment, planting of non-native/possibly invasive plants and trees, construction of dog-runs, use of fire rings have been noted and reported to the Board.

Our tradition and our success as a community has been based on a mutual understanding of and voluntary compliance with the rules of the road. Please remember that if you are contemplating changes to the exterior of your unit it will likely require ACC approval and changes impacting the common area will likely require Forest and Watershed Committee approval. The path to both groups goes through the Property Manager, Jeff Garrett. Please remember to contact him to facilitate your efforts.


The October/November issue currently on newsstands features Brickyard Creek in an article titled “Building Community: A Blend of Wooded Seclusion & Friendly Neighbors.” Thanks to each of you for your part in making Brickyard Creek a special place worth writing about and sharing with others. The response from the greater community and beyond has been terrific. A digital copy will be shared as soon as it becomes available.

Best Regards,

Peter Tropman
BYC Board President

Jeffery Garrett
BYC Manager