Around the Yard – October 2020

The Headwaters of Brickyard Creek

As we wind down another summer at The Yard, I wanted to provide the community with an update on several governance matters. 


Board Vacancy and Replacement: After 12 years of service as a member and officer on the BYC Boards of Directors, Kay Biga notified the Board of her resignation. We all owe Kay a big vote of thanks for her years of hard work and service. Kay served terms as Secretary, Vice President, and Treasurer; was a founding member of the Vision Committee; was one of our rental oversight policies’ architects, and a driving force behind Roy’s Point Blvd re-paving (and financing). She was also the inspiration of the BYC insignia vests many of us proudly wear. We are extremely fortunate that Terry Gibson, a long-serving former member, and past Board President, has volunteered to return to the Board. On September 14th, the Board unanimously voted to appoint him to fill Kay’s vacancy. Terry brings his knowledge, experience, competence, and deep commitment to the Board. 

Annual Meeting/Annual Report: Given Bayfield County’s restrictions on the size of gatherings and the related lack of an indoor venue, we could not hold an annual in-person meeting either in May or on Labor Day. As an alternative, the Board is producing a “first edition” Brickyard Creek Community Annual Report. The report’s content will mirror the Annual Meetings’ standard agenda, including a Board Report on accomplishments, needed actions, and future challenges: a managers’ update, committee updates, and a financial/budget report. Highlights from the recently completed community-wide survey and key components of the Vision Committee’s recommended strategic plan will also be presented. In early November, you will receive an email with a link to a viewable and downloadable copy of the report. It will also be available on the Community website. You will be encouraged to provide written questions, comments, and concerns. Answers and responses will be provided and posted.

Board Elections Postponed:  One of the casualties of not having an annual meeting was our annual election of officers. Given the challenges of holding a virtual election, the need to complete work on the Umbrella and Condo Association’s operations and governance structures, and the need to maintain momentum on several critical issues and Board led projects; the current Board moved to extend all current terms until May of 2021. At that point, all seven board terms will be up for election, and we will be electing directors to an integrated Umbrella and Condo Association Board.  

“Get Involved”: As we move forward, there is a critical need for community members to consider Board membership. The Board is creating internship opportunities for those interested in learning more about the work of the Board. We will also launch a “Get Involved” initiative to participate on a Board Committee or project team. Your service is a meaningful way to contribute to the continued health of our community. Watch this space for further info about this initiative – and do not be surprised if you feel a gentle tap on your shoulder. 


All the best for continued safety and health for you, your families and friends!  


Peter Tropman, BYC Board President