Around the Yard – March 2021

West Channel Sunrise over Basswood Island

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  The Brickyard Creek Community Association Goes Live!   

On February 16, 2021, The Brickyard Creek Community Association (BYCCA) became a reality. On that day, the Boards of the Brickyard Creek Condominium and Umbrella Associations unanimously passed a joint resolution consolidating their governance, administrative and operational roles. This partnership agreement completes the last step in our long journey to creating a single entity to serve our community of condominiums and lake homes.

It is important to underscore the fact that the Declarations for the Condominium Association and the Roy’s Point Shores and Brickyard Creek III Homes remain in force. However, the partnership does formally, transparently and definitively formalize the successful way we have worked as a community for over 20 years – electing a common governing Board of Directors, adopting a common budget and assessments, operating an integrated set of finances and reserves, and hiring as single manager to deliver needed administrative, financial, and operations management services. In all respects, we have operated as one and we will continue to do so. Importantly, this partnership approach avoided the time consuming and costly step of amending our declarations. It was the path of least resistance and expense.  

The Joint Resolution and a related background and overview document are available for your information in the Legal Documents section of our community website.

Currently the Board is completing the following implementation related activities.

  • Board Governance Protocols including written Board Member role and responsibilities descriptions, recommended regular meeting schedule, staggered term schedule and related election protocols. 
  • Committee Structure Review including drafting written charter statements, role and responsibilities descriptions for each standing committee and Board authorized working group.
  • Development of a Financial Management policies, protocols, and practice manual

 Updates on these activities will be provided at or before this spring’s annual meeting.


As the snow melts and we approach construction season, please be reminded that plans for all projects including site preparation and the removal of any trees and vegetation must be approved by the ACC. Please review the ACC Guidelines on the community website. The ACC guidelines are in the process of being updated so please advise Jeff Garrett of any pending changes that may impact your project.


Our finances continue to be solid thanks to our hard-working Finance Committee (Jim Gilson, Treasurer, Dan Wilczek, and BYCCA Manager, Jeff Garrett). Here are the highlights:

  • Fiscal Year 2020 ended well in the black! This allowed us to make the recommended contribution to the reserve accounts ($1,469) and carry forward a $5,310) unallocated surplus into 2021.
  • The adopted 2021 budget ($141,132) funds the current level of service and operations with NO REQUIRED INCREASE IN ASSESSMENTS. Good news for sure.
  • Our current reserves ($133,700) exceeded the amount recommended for 2021 by the recently completed reserve study by about $4,000.
  • In February, the Board adopted an Investment Policy recommended by the Finance Committee and further directed the committee to develop a reserve budget and related investment plan designed to assure accumulation and availability of funds for non-budget items (major road repair, well replacement, bridge maintenance, etc.) identified in the reserve study. The goal is to avoid special assessments when these expenses arise.  This goal is achievable without increases in our historic pattern of contributions.
  • FINALLY: A big THANK YOU to all for prompt payment of Assessments.


As we complete work on the BYCCA Governance Project, there will be opportunities for you to become engaged through service on the Board of Directors or on any of our working committees including: Community and Communications, Forest and Watershed, Rental Oversight and Marina Liaison. 


With the help of ZOOM, we will be conducting our Annual Meeting virtually on Saturday May 29, 2021, and the time is 10:00—11:30 AM. The Zoom link and meeting agenda and materials will be provided shortly before the meeting. 

PANDEMIC and WEATHER conditions permitting we hope to have a socially distanced potluck gathering at the Beach-Gazebo Fire Ring Area starting in the late afternoon. Save the date and watch for further updates.

Peter Tropman, BYC Board President