Around the Yard – August 2020

The BYC Gazebo in the Evening Light

It has been an active, busy and important spring and summer at BYC. Let’s go right to the headlines to get you up to date: 

  • Condominium association merger overwhelmingly approved: By Saturday, July25th we have received ballots of approval from 100% of BYC I and BYC II members and 89% of BYC I members. Approval of 75% of the membership is required. The merger is therefore approved and will be effective immediately. Next steps involve the integration of the financial, administrative, and operational functions of the Condominium and Umbrella Associations. Your support, responsiveness, and patience are greatly appreciated. Having a solid governance framework will be important as we address the many challenges that lay ahead.
  • 21 undeveloped condo lots sold to new owner: On July 23 rd Woody Peterson and Scarlett Woods LLC sold 21 undeveloped BYC Condo lots to Kabira Enterprise Ltd, LLC, a Minnesota Limited Liability Company and Shihab I. Mohammed and Ekram H. Mume. Nineteen of these lots are in BYC II and III. The new owners are represented by Eric Kodner, a Madeline Island realtor. They intend to initiate new unit development. It appears that Kodner will represent them in this regard. Importantly the new owners requested that Woody Peterson sign ballots of approval for the merger.
  • Architectural control charter adopted – review guidelines and standards expanded to assure community oversight of new condo unit construction: Coupled with the approval of merger and restated declarations solidifies the community’s review and approval authority over the design and construction of new condo units. These are available for your review on our community website:
  • Beach and gazebo area in the process of being transferred to brickyard creek umbrella association and Roy’s Point Marina Association. Permanent BYC parking easement beach/marina area being finalized. Marina and BYC joint use and management partnership under development.: Bob Davidson is “gifting” these properties to the Brickyard Creek Umbrella and Roy’s Point Marina Association. Our ownership and easements will permanently assure our access to and control over these important amenities. Our Beach-Marina Area Liaison team will be working with the Marina to work on joint cost sharing, maintenance, and rules of use policies.
  • Winfield inn ends historic role as rental management agent at brickyard: The Winfield Inn is for sale and closing its rental management business at the end of this calendar year. This will challenge the many BYC owners who have used the Winfield’s rental management service to find a new rental manager. All rentals at Brickyard must be managed by a Board approved rental management agency. The BYC Rental Oversight Committee is working with current and potential vendors regarding the rules and requirements for providing this service at Brickyard.
  • Mask use policy adopted – mirrors bayfield city policy: In response to the increasing number of positive cases in Bayfield County and across the state, several Brickyard Creek residents asked the BYC Board to develop a mask policy for our community. The Board unanimously voted to adopt a policy for BYC that mirrors the Bayfield City Policy which requires the wearing of masks in public places (such as our beach and trails) if you are unable to stay at least 6 feet from others. The full policy will be shared with you with in the next few days
  • Rental occupancy spikes – community concerns voiced: COVID-19 appears to have directly contributed to a significant increase in the volume of renters at BYC. Many are first timers, looking for a “close to home” get away. They are unfamiliar with the BYC culture as a residential as opposed to vacation rental community. Complaints about daytime and late-night noise, excess vehicle parking, congestion at the beach, and lack of social distancing have been directed to the Board. The Rental Oversight Committee is actively considering both education and enforcement approaches to addressing these concerns.
  • Annual meeting and board elections: In response the continued rise in positive COVID-19 cases the Board decided to cancel the in-person Annual meeting and Board Elections and reschedule them. Details will follow.
  • Strategic plan framework adopted: After a year of hard work the Vision Committee presented a 2020-2023 Strategic Plan Framework which was unanimously approved by the Board. It features a restated Mission, Vision, and Core Value and Expectations Statements and presents strategic objectives and related action steps in the strategic areas of Future Development, Governance, and Community Development and Communications. The details of this will be featured at our (virtual) annual meeting.

These “headlines” are all about big breaking news stories which underscore the fact that BYC is at acritical crossroads. Yogi Berra once quipped, “When you come to the fork in the road, take it”! Yourinput and sleeves rolled up involvement on committees or as a part of projects will guide the forks BYC takes. Your involvement is critical. In that regard the Vision Committee will be distributing a questionnaire about the future development community infrastructure, condo lots, and home sites. Your timely responses will be informative and greatly appreciated.

See you around the Yard!

Peter Tropman,

PresidentBrickyard Creek Community Association Board