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Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Blog Introduction

Cedar clad cottage nestled in the woods at Brickyard Creek

This is the first installment of many Architectural Control Committee (ACC) articles to be published on the Brickyard Creek Community website. The articles will include topics pertinent to the ACC’s charge of helping to protect Brickyard Creek’s unique identity and our primary amenity — Mother nature.

Future ACC articles might include exterior lighting, cottage designs and siting, exterior colors, sustainable construction materials, hydrology and erosion, important flora and fauna, the ACC process, etc. They are all intended to help owners understand the importance of architectural guidelines and how the ACC uses them to help maintain the community’s sustainability and protect its future.

Many of you decided to purchase at Brickyard Creek because of its clear and unique identity, one that is fairly easy to define but one that has become exceedingly difficult to enforce as we continue to grow. Without the combination of our present identity, a strong ACC and engaged owners, we could very easily cease to be an important neighborhood and simply slide into mediocrity.
Cedar clad cottage nestled in the woods at Brickyard Creek
Cedar clad cottage nestled in the woods at Brickyard Creek

Brickyard is clearly not an urban or suburban community, where home designs and decorations are typically designed to stand out. We are a nature-based community that co-exists with a boreal forest.

Therefore, nothing we build should make an architectural statement; rather, all exterior details need to blend with our natural environment and impact its flora and fauna as little as possible.

Amazingly, it is sometimes the seemingly unimportant things that can make the difference.