April 2019 – Vision Committee Update

The Brickyard Creek pavilion just before sunset

From the Vision Committee…On Your Behalf

BYC Vision:  This community is committed to maintaining this unique environment, promoting responsible educated citizens, sustaining a network of partnerships (with the broader community) and creating a legacy of responsible stewardship for all who share in the experience we call Brickyard Creek.

The Vision Committee has been at work! A number of meetings have been held (via ZOOM!) in the past few months. The Vision Committee is charged with supporting community building within BYC AND supporting the BYC role in the greater Bayfield area. These guiding principles have helped us to focus on some important decisions and events for 2019.

We will be announcing a number of events for summer and fall. There are some creative and meaningful activities being offered during the 4th of July weekend this year. Without letting the whole cat out of the bag, know that a few of these activities include hiking, coffee, local foods and more. It will clearly be a time to gather, honor this place we call home and enjoy ourselves. We will be sending out more information in the coming month, so stay tuned. More to come on a Labor Day gathering as well.

BYC is also taking our role in support of the Bayfield area seriously. The committee has worked to establish Brickyard Creek Donation Criteria. This was used as we gathered to consider what groups/organizations to support financially through overall BYC donations. Many of these groups are fortunate to have a number of our residents as board members and/or volunteers. You’ll be learning more about how amazing our community residents are when you see how many give of their time, talent and resources.

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 25th. We will provide a more detailed report at that time.

Happy Spring!!