2022 Kayak Storage

The last piles of snow are finally gone, and like a switch, it is spring at the ‘creek! The sudden warm-up has many clamoring to get their kayaks on the rack for the moment a paddle becomes a doable endeavor.

Kayak and swimmer on a placid Lake Superior

Wally and Carolyn Milbrath prepping for a kayak and swim on Lake Superior.

First, thanks to everyone for removing your boats last fall. That allowed me the chance to stain the rack and give us a fresh start this year.

Good news! There will be no fee or assigned numbers; however, a reminder that the rack is for seasonal use only and not storage.

All boats and paddleboards need to be removed no later than October 15th. 

Ok, have at it, but please only bring your boat to the lake if you are genuinely going to use it.


Jeffery A. Garrett
Brickyard Creek Director
“An environmental community on the shore of Lake Superior.”