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Seasonal Kayak Removal

Please remove your boat(s) or paddle board(s) by October 22nd.

About Us

We are an environmental residential community on the shores of Lake Superior

The citizens of Brickyard Creek are committed to the active stewardship of our environmental community through the promotion of ongoing education, achievement of continued economic stability and being active, good neighbors throughout our Lake Superior communities.

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Current News

Architectural Control Committee Blog Introduction

Architectural Control Committee Blog Introduction

This is the first installment of many Architectural Control Committee (ACC) articles to be published on the Brickyard Creek Community website. The articles will include topics pertinent to the ACC’s charge of helping to protect Brickyard Creek’s unique identity and our primary amenity — Mother nature.

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The Islands Are Calling

The Islands Are Calling

By: Jeff Rennicke, Executive Director, Friends of Apostle Islands National LakeshoreThey are always there, in stormlight or sunshine, moonrise or mist: the Apostle Islands. They sit just offshore at the edge of the Brickyard Creek community and yet somehow are a big...

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Finding the Brickyard

Finding the Brickyard

In Brickyard Creek Chronicles, Chapter 4: Naming the Creek, we gave you a brief history on the development of a brickyard at Roy’s Point by Col. Rudd. Rudd had leased the land at Roy’s Point from William Dalrymple. The Bayfield Brick Manufacturing Company was only in operation from 1889 to 1892, probably coming to its demise as the result of the Financial Panic of 1893.

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